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Bad Habits Suck!


On this episode I share some tips I've learned regarding changing habits.

I reference these books below.   These are affiliate links.


Addicted to the Monkey Mind by JF Benoist

Atomic habits by James Clear 

Brain Lock by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D. 


I bring up my sex addiction, on this podcast  I go a little further in depth here.

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The year is ending, new years' resolutions will be made, and I want to end my bad habits. Unfortunately, I fail more than I succeed; there is progress, albeit slow.

My worst habits; my sex addiction, eating foods that aren't great for me, and sports betting.

Sports betting, thankfully, hasn't been a long-term habit, as I started in 2021.   Once I realized I was losing more money than I was gaining, I stopped.   But while it was going on, it was an everyday thing.   The dopamine highs of winning and chasing that all the time.   After I stopped (2-3 months in), I felt heavy urges to bet again.  It reminded me of my ongoing sex addiction and how detrimental that's been.   A gambling compulsion I don't need.   

I've had some success with my sex addiction.  I use a calendar to track the days that I act out, treating myself like a science experiment(which I enjoy).   

What do I mean by 'acting out?'   Watching and masturbating to porn.   This fixation has been with me for 35+ years.   In attempts to end this behavior, I've participated in anonymous groups, seen a therapist, read a few books on the matter, listened to numerous podcasts, and watched videos.   All the knowledge I've learned has helped define why I engage in this behavior and my patterns.   Currently, I act out 1-2 times every 1-10 days.  It happens when I'm bored, lonely, or going through a painful emotion.   Every day, I used to PMO(porn masturbate orgasm), which killed my energy.   To be clear, plain masturbation is ok.   Masturbating to porn is what I'm working on ending.

I have issues with my thyroid, which in turn affects my cholesterol.   I. E., my cholesterol is consistently elevated.   Even though I practice a primarily vegan diet and weigh between 130-140 lbs.   

I'm working on avoiding oils, saturated fats, and animal foods.   Acting out here is also every 1-10 days.    It's related to the sex addiction where one happens; then I indulge in the other.   I lose confidence in myself by not keeping my word to either view porn or eat that greasy food.

Headway I've made here; growing an extensive menu of foods to eat.   Thank goodness for the internet and access to recipes.   Also, more of my local supermarkets carry the products I'm specifically looking for.   All vegan, no oils, and free of saturated fats.   I still would like to find a suitable, easy pizza replacement.

These are some of the bad habits I'm continuously working on changing.   What are some of your bad habits?