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Thursday Vlog-Elvis movie thoughts, Yoga, Major League Wrestling and More

I recorded a vlog last Thursday, documenting my day and showing gratitude for my simple life.   What are you grateful for?   Let me know down below. YouTube Version  

Space Thriller-Artwork

 I've taken a break from the podcast this month, but I've spent a lot of that time working on this piece.   I used an Apple Pencil, iPad Mini 2, the Procreate app, and Canva to animate it all.   I also made the music on GarageBand.    Enjoy!   Post your thoughts and comments below. Here's a panel, watch the full video below. My latest doodle..and it's a space thriller! enjoy! turn the sound on. #art #artwork #procreate #canva — paul_v_perez (@paulvperez1) June 28, 2022