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Bob Marley One Love Spoiler Review-$93 Million Later

  I enjoyed Bob Marley's One Love, a 2024 biopic based on the legendary musician's life. The highlights for me were Kingsley Ben-Adir's and Lashana Lynch's performances as Bob and Rita Marley. Ben-Adir oozed charisma in playing Bob, and Ms. Lynch made me feel their deep relationship bond. The film is a musical in a way, as several of Bob's classic songs were performed.   One Love also weaves the stories and motivations for classic songs, such as 'Three Little Birds,' with Mr. Marley putting it together in the backyard of his home in Kingston.  Video version of my review.    I hummed 'Exodus' days after watching the movie.   This beautifully shot movie details several critical moments in the singer's life, such as an assassination attempt, his extended stay in the UK, and his first concert back in Jamaica, where he had warring political figures make peace on stage. The movie's budget was $70 million, and I assume it cost another $70 million to

Party Time at Lot 45-Brooklyn, NY. March 2024

Dancing the night away with friends, to some of our favorite genres of music.   Dancehall, Afrobeats, and Soca.   This party is made possible by Lot 45 in Brooklyn, NY and the promoter/DJ Play The Music.   Other NY DJs who played the same event were Khalil and Wah Gwan Twon.  Friends in this video: Lion(he and his wife Kim shot all the video) Mami Usher  Mateo Sparx Radha Cyrielle Hope to do more of this throughout the year.