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China Breeding Huge Pigs-WEIRD STORIES

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE New year, 6 new weird stories.   Links below. Chameleon effect with cell phones.   Survey says best sex is with self.   Key to longevity-live purposeful life.   Robots reproduce.   Man spends million on giant tuna. China breeding huge pigs. Thoughts? Comments? Do so below. Contact me by email here   Rate, like, leave a review! I will shout you out for sure! If you've enjoyed this episode, please suppor

The Batman Gave Me Noir-Blade Runner Vibes-SPOILER REVIEW

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Check out this episode! I thought Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight was a better overall package. With The Batman, I was a little bored at times and even dozed off in the beginning when Batman and Jim Gordon were going back and forth. This movie is a detective/noir/thriller with action peppered in.   If you are expecting more than this, you will be disappointed. This film felt like a modern-day comic.   Batman figuring out this new villain's(the Riddler) motives alongside Jim Gordon.    Hanging around the police during crime scenes several times, rescuing Gotham citizens out in the open instead of the shadows.   Actions you don't see as often in past Bat films.  Also, how little Bruce Wayne you get here(which I prefer). In the third act, there's one scene where The Riddler tells Batman how the cowl is his true face and Bruce Wayne is the facade, and the movie plays to that. I loved the visuals and sounds. If you pause certain scenes, they become