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August Cooldown MixTape 2020

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE LIVE MIX ON PERISCOPE August Cooldown Mixtape-perreo, bachata, dancehall, Afrobeat and more — paul_v_perez (@paulvperez1)  August 29, 2020   The dog days of summer are coming to an end here in the northeast's some tunes to keep you cool for the rest of August.   Enjoy! Tracklisting: Song/Artist No Me Llegan (with Bulin 47) El Mayor Clasico, Bulin 47 Rumba Rochy RD 4K El Alfa, Darell, Noriel Simón Dice Doctor Jay Mal De Amore Vicente Garcia Centavito Romeo Santos Gyal Minz No Me Llegan (with Bulin 47) El Mayor Clasico, Bulin 47 Rumba Rochy RD 4K El Alfa, Darell, Noriel Simón Dice Doctor Jay Mal De Amore Vicente Garcia Centavito Romeo Santos Gyal Minz Jeje Diamond Platnumz

Here are Some Recent Video Games I've been playing and enjoying!

Here are some recent gaming clips I’ve uploaded to my social media.   These are a few of the titles I’ve been playing.   More clips to come.    These are all on Xbox. I’ve really been enjoying #streetsofrage4 I’m close to ending the game. This style of game takes me back to my childhood. Great game! #xbox #gamepass — paul_v_perez (@paulvperez1) August 23, 2020 After all this #dcfandome talk..decided to enjoy one of #telltale 's #batman games #xbox — paul_v_perez (@paulvperez1) August 23, 2020 View this post on Instagram If your a gamer and horror fan...check out #carrion on #xbox #gamepass ...sci-fi, horror, Metroid style game where you play a human eating! A post shared by Social Dancer-Podcaster- (@paul_v_perez) on Jul 24, 2020 at 4:50pm PDT

My Sex Addiction

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE... I like to play a game where I reflect on my life and think if I can go back in time to my 15-year-old self, what advice would I give myself?   Don't watch or masturbate to porn would be number one. Why?    It's caused a 30-year addiction, which has devolved from regular porn to transgender porn and seeing sex workers.   The fixation began in childhood. Compared to my friends and family, I felt I wasn't very good looking. I was awkward when talking to girls well into adulthood. My confidence was low. Porn was a comforting escape; it wouldn't deny me. It's always there.   What has this dependency cost me? Thousands of dollars and time, lots of time. Sex addiction is isolation, shame, fear of living. I've been seeing prostitutes for the last 3 plus years. Sometimes they'd be nice; other times, they just went through the motions. Sometimes they were waiting for me to leave. When I say they were nice, they would allow me to have unpr

I Want to Spend More Days Like This!

When I was working, I didn't always have time to dig deeper into my interests.   I appreciate my job, and I do miss it.   Having hours to sleep, relax, spend time-visit with friends and family, learn new skills, and dig into my creativity and documenting activities has been great.   When I look back at this world-changing period, it won't be all negative and scary.   Here's a sample of what I've been up to lately.   Thoughts, comments, do so below.   These videos are all on my Instagram profile which you can find here   Washington Square Park, NYC View this post on Instagram   Late night artwork   View this post on Instagram #latenight #doodles #artwork A post shared by Social Dancer-Podcaster- (@paul_v_perez) on Aug 11, 2020 at 9:37am PDT Kayaking on the Hudson river..   View this post on Instagram On the #hudsonriver this past weekend...the #newjersey side #gopromax #360 #

The Wraith-80's Movie Review-Does it Still Hold Up?

Listen to the podcast here: Jason G and I review The Wraith from 1986.  Starring Charlie Sheen.   Does this racing/ghost/thriller hold up to our 2020 sensibilities?   We break it down on this episode. Watch The Wraith for FREE on YouTube here:   Here's the YouTube version of the review.

A few weeks Harlem.

Thanks to DJ Madout and friends for capturing this moment.   Good times, dancing in the dancehall style at a get together in Harlem. This is an Instagram video. View this post on Instagram Him haad 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @stacktownlifestyle 🗽🗽🗽🤟🏾 - #regrann . . . . . FREE🌍BOSS @vybzkartel . FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE ➡➡@VybzKartelVines_ 🚫TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION🚫 ------ #gazalifestyle💯💯😎😎😎😎 #FREE🌏BOSS#dancehallhero #WorlGovt #vybzkartelsong#vybzkartelvines #vybzkartelfever #worldboss #VybzKartelVine #VybzKartelVines_ #freeworldboss #rightsize#cantbethesame #kingofthedancehall#vybzkartelforever #adidjaazimpalmer #gazanation#comebackhome #vybzkartelmusic #VybzKartelmuzik # A post shared by VybzKartelVines 👑 (@vybzkartelvine) on Aug 3, 2020 at 8:11pm PDT