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9 Lessons Learned in 2023-Dating, Diet, & More.

Podcast Audio-Hit Play below. Check out this episode! YouTube version I reviewed my journal notes from 2023; these were nine of my biggest lessons from last year.   Sugar dating is an expensive alternative to seeing sex workers. I've been seeing sex workers for 6-8 years now, and it was getting old. I met someone in 2023 and wanted to date them seriously, but they didn't in return; I took that as a challenge and looked into sugar dating. I've been doing so since October and learned a lot since then. Now, I have sugar babies and sex workers in my regular rotation. There are growing pains in maintaining this, but I do like the variety.   Regular dating sites are a waste of time.   I've used dating sites and had some success, but it took time, patience, and messaging other members before meeting someone in real life. When I started sugar dating in October, I signed up and paid a month's subscription to a regular dating site(along with a sugar dating site). Conver

Welcoming May 2024 with a Dance video

Nice weather days are starting to become more consistent.   Why not make a dance video to welcome May 2024.   The song is 'Uptown' by Roze Don.   This 'riddim' (or beat) called 'Street Vybz' takes me back to when I started going exclusively to dancehall parties, about 14+ years ago.    These older 'riddims,' like older dance moves, are being re-introduced to a younger generation, and I love it.    Enjoy!