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Outbreak 1995 Movie Review-SPOILERS

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. Jason G. and I are continuing our quarantine review series.   Weekly we trade off a movie, comic, or television show to consume then critique.   This week it's Wolfgang Petersen's Outbreak released in 1995.   We watched this movie(separately)during its initial run 15 years ago, and it is still a fun horror, thriller, drama with a plausible scenario.    The text at the beginning of the film, "The single biggest threat to man's continued dominance on the planet is the virus," motivated Jason's choice. The budget on Outbreak was $50 million, grossing $184 million in the worldwide box office.   With current events, I'm sure it continues making money through licensing to streaming platforms.       The main cast; Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kevin Spacey, and Donald Sutherland.   There are many scenes where it's focused on the characters faces, and they deliver. The viewer feels the t

My Conversation with Dancer Erick Jael Fuentes

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Check out this episode! Erick Jael Fuentes is a dancer I'd see in local dance classes and on my Instagram feed.   One late night in 2019, we both attended a party.  He impressed me with his different styles on the dancefloor.   He's Hispanic like me, and in this NYC Dancehall space, Hispanic male dancers are few and far between.  I was curious to speak with him; we got a chance to do so before the pandemic. Erick is originally from Mexico City.    He feels he was born into dance as his parents, Alejandra and Galdino, met at a block party.   Erick's parents came to America to make money and support him.   He stayed behind with his grandmother, Silvia, who raised him.   Silvia would teach dance classes to the public at the 'Casa De La Cultura.'   She taught what excited her, such as Cumbia, Mambo, Swing, and more.   Erick started following along at four years old.    There is a stigma with young men dancing, where it can be i

New Design in my Teepublic store-'Que Cerda!' (What a Pig!)

This was inspired by my co-worker.    She said this(Que Cerda!)and told me what it means.   I added the cute piggy.   It's available on t-shirts, face masks, onesies, cell phone cases, pillows, journals and more.   All in different colors.     Check it out here .

90s Mixtape Bay-Bay!

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE.. Check out this episode! During the 90s I graduated high school, had my first kiss, and was  introduced to the hospitality industry.   Where I would proceed to work till present day. I recorded this episode on a livestream on Periscope in May 2020.   You should join me there some time.    Enjoy the mix! Track listing: Dido-‘Thank you’ Lenny Kravitz-‘It Ain’t Over ’Til it’s Over’ George Micheal-‘Freedom!   ’90’ Jamiroquai-‘Virtual Insanity’ Red Hot Chili Peppers-‘Around the World’ Limp Bizkit-‘Nookie’ Beastie Boys-‘Intergalactic’ Neneh Cherry-‘Buffalo Stance’ SNAP!-’The Power’ C&C Music Factory-‘Gonna Make You Sweat’ Technotronic-‘Pump Up the Jam’ Reel 2 Real-‘I Like To Move It’ Underground Solution-‘Luv Dancin’ Hardrive-‘Deep Inside’ Barbara Tucker-‘Beautiful People’ River Ocean-‘Love & Happiness’ Haddaway-‘What Is Love’ Jennifer Lopez-‘Waiting for Tonight’ Jamiroquai-‘Canned Heat’ Mobb Deep-‘Right Back at You’

Quarantine Movie Review Series-Overlord 2018

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE-There are spoilers! This episode begins our quarantine movie/tv review series.   Jason G and I will take turns making suggestions.   We will watch what we've chosen and come back in a week and give our respective reviews. JJ Abrams-produced Overlord from 2018 is our topic this week.   Click here for the film's synopsis.    Jason found the film likable but isn't what he expected.   The trailer gave him the impression of a zombie apocalypse that took place during World War 2.   He ultimately described it as being a 70% war movie, a 30% horror movie.   He also told me the meaning behind the film's title.    Overlord is the military's codename for the Battle of Normandy in 1944.   The Allied Forces making their move against German-occupied France.   In movie-speak, Overlord takes place the night before Steven Spielberg's 'Saving Private Ryan.'   Which in the opening scene, the invasion of Omaha Beach, can be de

Summer Party Season May be Cancelled. Dancing Outside Doesn't Stop.

May-June usually brings awesome day parties where my dance friends and I get together and dance all afternoon into the evening. With the pandemic, it looks like that won't be happening this year๐Ÿ˜•. Nonetheless, it does not prevent us from dancing outside.   This was shot by my friend Eli Reed in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.   May 2020. The dance style is dancehall, the song is 'Aircraft' by Adonia. Find the some of those party videos I was talking about here .

Dancing with a Powerful Message from Raul Villacis.

Here I'm continuing my 'Dancing with a Message' series.   Where I put together choreography over a dancehall beat.   With inspirational words on top of that.    Combining three things I enjoy; self help material, dancing, and dancehall. Find out more about Mr. Villacis here. Thoughts?  Comments?   Do so below. Find my previous 'Dancing with a Message' videos here.

What Video Games are you Playing During Quarantine? Part 1.

The Covid-19 Pandemic is giving us all extra time at home.   Do you play video games?   Is there anything you are currently playing?   Please comment below.    In the video, I discuss the three I'm playing right now.   These are either on Xbox Game Pass or were available through the Xbox Live Gold subscription. Below are affiliate links if you own an Xbox One and like to try these games, Xbox Game Pass, or an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Dead Rising 4 ( as of this writing..available on Xbox Game Pass..this link is if you want to buy the game individually ) Sonic Generations( no longer available on Xbox Live of this writing ) Streets of Rage 4 ( as of this writing..available on Xbox Game Pass..this link is if you want to buy the game individually ) Xbox Game Pass( 6 month subscription )   Xbox Live Gold( 6 month subscription ) Xbox Gam

80s Mixtape-May 2020

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE I recorded this mix on a rainy April evening.   I did so going live first on Linked In then finishing up on Instagram Live.     Live streaming is new for me, I was nervous.   I’m still developing my DJ technique.   The songs included in this mix I fondly remember from my childhood.   A few I discovered as an adult.   Enjoy! Track listing Paul McCartney & Micheal Jackson ’Say Say Say’ Rick James ‘Cold Blooded’ Billy Ocean ‘Get Outta My Dreams’ Ray Parker Jr. ‘Ghostbusters’ Stevie Wonder ‘All I Do’ Rick James ‘Ghetto Life’ Bee Gees ‘Tragedy’ Hall & Oates ‘Private Eye’ Phil Collins ’Sussudio’ The Jacksons ‘State of Shock’ Duran Duran ‘The Reflex’ Corey Hart ‘Sunglasses at Night’ Yes ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ Eddie Murphy ‘Party All the Time’ Michael Sembello ‘Maniac’ Joe Jackson ’Steppin’ Out’ Quiet Riot ‘Cum on Feel the Noise’ Billy Idol ‘White Wedding pt.1’ Def Leppard ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ KISS ‘Detroit Rock City’

T-Rex chases down Rey and Enfys Nest. Also the T-800 stops by. ACTION FIGURE PHOTOGRAPHY

In this first set of pictures, I have a Tyrannosaurus rex(Jurassic World)chasing down Rey(Star Wars) in her speeder.   While Rey's trying to catch Enfys Nest in her swoop bike. I took these pictures in a park around my neighborhood.   Just wanted to say that, in case the cars and buildings in the background don't give it away.๐Ÿ˜ The lizard is giving chase! Enfys Nest is slightly ahead. Spring, Summer seasons will be the best time to get outside and take more of these kinds of pictures. Rey is focused. The figures used here can be purchased at these affiliate links:   Star Wars Black Series Rey with Speeder   ....Enfys Nest and Swoop Bike  ...Jurassic World Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex   The T-Rex is revealed! Here I have battle damaged Terminator from T2 posing behind a tech style backdrop.    Here I'm using the NECA Power Arm T-800(affiliate lin