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Young Mom Does Not Give Up on Her Dance Passion-My Conversation with DHQ Charm

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE The first Dancehall Queen on the podcast!   Charm is an extremely talented, trophy-winning dancer and choreographer whom I've known for nearly two decades.    Charm(real name Shari)is originally from Barbados and migrated to the U.S. with her mother at the age of 3.   Mom was a ballroom dancer who would sew her own dresses for dance functions.    During kindergarten, Shari wanted to take ballet classes.   Her mother enrolled her and began Charm's dance journey.   Ballet training would continue until high school.   She also joined the school band and made it to the nationals in her senior year 2005.    At 16, she started getting into Dancehall.   Watching music videos from Sean Paul inspired her to dig into the genre.   Being raised in Brooklyn, it also helped that others in her age group were into this style.  Charm's mother started allowing her to go to parties at this time.  This leads her to meet someone who would be her dance partner and frien

Dancing with a Message about 'Success' from Dr. Myles Munroe

Thanks to the 'Quote of the Day' podcast by Sean Croxton. That's where I found this wonderful excerpt. The instrumental is from Stylo G's 'Bamm Bamm.' I used a DJI Spark drone for this particular angle. You can buy this camera drone here. Thoughts? Comments on the message? Please do so below.

Dancing to Hip Hop Harry's 'Who's Next?!'

I recently discovered Tik Tok and witnessed so many dancing to this song. Here I didn't do the exact dance but added my own spin. Thoughts? Comments? Do so below. Here's my profile on Tik Tok Here's a sample of the song..

Possible Cult Classic? Future Man Review Episodes 1-3

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE This week, I asked Jason to watch the first three episodes(season 1)of Future Man.   Sci-fi, action, comedy series starring Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games films. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are the producers. Jason said he's a sucker for time travel shows and was impressed with the production quality.   'These three episodes can easily be made into a movie.'   He loved the 80s homages to such films as Terminator, Back to the Future, and The Last Starfighter.   He was also happy to see Keith David, whom he's enjoyed since his role as 'Childs' in 1982's 'The Thing.'    Issues he had with the first three episodes; 'if you aren't a fan of Seth Rogen's raunchy style of comedy, this may not be for you.'   Also, this Hulu exclusive didn't take itself seriously in specific scenes, and that hurt the narrative.    Some time ago, I began watching this show.   After the first 10 minutes, I switched it off be

80s & 90s MIXXXXXTAPE with some new stuff too.

Check out this episode! I love the 80s and 90s so much I think I might continue, including those decades in my regular sets.   This time I mixed it up with a couple of present-day genres near the end.   I keep forgetting to list the style of music.   I would love that info when I'm looking to find a song I hear elsewhere.   Enjoy! 80s-90s Hip Hop Too $hort-'Freaky Tales' N.W.A.-'Dope Man' The D.O.C.-'It's Funky Enough' Run-DMC-'King of Rock' Public Enemy-'Don't Believe The Hype' LL Cool J-'Rock the Bells' EPMD-'You Gots to Chill' Kool G Rap-'Road To The Riches' Nice & Smooth-'Funky for You' 3rd Bass-'Steppin to the A.M.' 80s-90s RnB & Soul Soul II Soul-'Keep On Movin' Mtume-'Juicy' Midnight Star-'Curious' Chaka Khan-'Ain't Nobody' Evelyn King-'Love Come Down' Cameo-'Word Up' Pop & Freestyle Ne

Dancing In Prospect Park, Brooklyn with Friends. Before the Protests. May 2020

Now is a time to protest, discuss, have's hoping to get together with my friends in the nearby future. This took place before the riots and protests. But during the pandemic. Celebrating life and our love of dance.  Shot by @illegalfunk(on Instagram) Pics by friends The song in the video is 'Package' by Lowkey