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Your Being Unattractive is Working For You.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE In consuming MGTOW content from YouTubers Coach Greg Adams, Red Pill Men's Health, and Sandman, I've realized that my beta-self, who is not traditionally attractive, is a plus. Ideally, I'd like to attract someone like myself.   Thin/fit, little to no debt, no kids, similar interests.   But I realized that this group of women consider themselves high-value and want more enticing options than myself.   That being a man with the three 6s.   6 foot tall, six-pack abs, earns six figures.    The exception to the rule is an unattractive man who makes 6-7 figures monthly/annually. The women I tend to attract are overweight single mothers who are swimming in debt.   I have dated these women in the past, but now I know better with this newfound knowledge. Currently, I do not have any children, have never been married, and have no debt.   I have peace, quiet, and freedom.   No child support, alimony, mortgage/car payments.   My time and money are for me.  C

Coming 2 America Spoiler Review

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. Mo Fremont and I have a spoiler review of Coming 2 America.   Was it ok, great, or terrible?   Tune in to find out. I record weekly podcasts with Mo' and they will start slowly appearing on this feed within the coming months. Want to learn more about Mo' and his podcast?   Find it here. On Tuesdays at 1pm EST we record podcasts live on YouTube.   Join us by following that same link above. Thoughts? Comments? Do so below ...Or you can contact me by calling, texting or through WhatsApp 1-201-472-0429. If you leave a voicemail please be aware, you only have 3 minutes. This is a US number. Contact me by email here   Rate, like, leave a review! I will shout you out for sure! If you've enjoyed this, please support this podcast by doing any, all your shopping through my affiliate links: or my AMAZON link: or DONATE here SUBSCRIBE HERE   Full U

TitanFall 2 and Outer Worlds...great time with 2 great games.

I was introduced to Titanfall 2 by my brother, who played the game during its initial release and loved it. Excellent action game from Respawn Entertainment. Makers of such games as Jedi Fallen Order(which I will be streaming soon), Apex Legends, and more. The Outer Worlds has loads of personality and has hooked me. As of this writing, I've finished the game. It's great to see that the decisions made during the game were reflected in the ending.   Check out the streams, post your comments below. Titanfall 2 stream The Outer Worlds stream

Hidden Gem-Boss Level on Hulu.

Looking for something to watch? Check out 'B oss Level '  on H ulu .. If you like the Crank movies (with Jason Statham) mixed with a Groundhog Day won’t be disappointed with Boss Level.  YouTube Boss Level Review

Furloughed from Work for A Year

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. My friend Jason and I have worked in the hospitality industry collectively over 35 years. In our careers, this is the first time we’ve been furloughed 12 months plus due to world events. I’m sure we are not exclusively in this position. In this podcast, we discuss our thoughts on Wandavision, upcoming superhero, sci-fi tv shows, and movies. We also discuss which comics we’ve recently enjoyed. Pleasant escapes from our worries on whether life will ever get back to normal. Finally, we discuss our unemployed existence during the last year. This time off from work has allowed me to deeply examine my compulsions, accept my bachelor life as a positive, and shown me what kind of person I would be if I retired from work today. I’m grateful for my creativity. It helps keep my mind occupied. Seeing this podcast grow has been tremendous. Leftover paychecks from work, stimulus money, and NYC Unemployment have been a godsend and kept me afloat in these times. I’ve often

60s, 70s Soul-Disco-Rock-Reggae Mixtape

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE New Mixtape with some 60s, 70s goodness.   Enjoy! Tracklisting: Name Artist Living In The U.S.A. Steve Miller Band Wild Night Van Morrison Power In the Darkness Tom Robinson Band Zombie Fela Kuti, Afrika '70 Do Your Thing Isaac Hayes Love and Happiness Al Green Who Is He? Bill Withers Cloud Nine The Temptations Do Your Thing The Watts 103rd. Street Rhythm Band Uptown Top Ranking - Remastered Althea, Donna The Harder They Come Jimmy Cliff King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown Augustus Pablo, King Tubby Legalize It Peter Tosh Israelites Desmond Dekker Fantasy Earth, Wind & Fire Disco Lady (Single Version) Johnnie Taylor Love Thang First Choice Disco Inferno - LP / 12 Version" The Trammps Cherry Bomb The Runaways (Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult Mama