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Expressing Myself Vs. Serving the Audience

  Listening to Gary vee talk about 'document don't create' four years ago was a game-changer.   I realized all that happens in my life is content.   This idea has helped grow my podcast, videos, and blog. But I've often wondered why don't I have a more significant following present day?   Why can't I yet support myself financially with my material?  I've heard other influencers say it can take ten years plus to grow to that level.   Even with that commitment, this isn't guaranteed. As a longtime listener to Gary Vaynerchuk's podcast, I feel he's delivered some of his best advice to content creators during this pandemic.   His advice on burnout, taking breaks, and doing what truly satisfies you, even if you have attained a small following, have also been impactful.    Mr. Vanyerchuk made an eye-opening point on a recent episode, published May 4, 2021, titled 'The Real Reason your Content isn't Working.'  Paraphrasing(as I understood it

eBay 2020 results, Weird Stories, Mixtape Strictly Gyal Tunes

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Welcome back!   On this episode I discuss my eBay 2020 results.   Was reselling last year a bust or a boom?   5 weird and true stories are covered.   Finally a mixtape with tunes from guys romancing girls and much more. 2018 Ebay report   2019 Ebay report   Check out my eBay store here   Weird Stories covered Secret World of backstreet castration   Alexa knows what you want before you do   Humans in America 30,000 years ago   Bigfoot hunting season