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The Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi-My Favorite Quotes

On this podcast I discuss my favorite quotes from Dean Graziosi's book, 'The Underdog Advantage.' My main takeaway from this book is a new perspective on selling. Like many, I need help selling anything and find doing so awkward. But truthfully, we all sell every day and don't notice. When we enthusiastically recommend a favorite TV show, food, song, or type of music to our friends, family, and acquaintances, we are selling. Which, to me, is the most accessible way to sell anything to anyone.  Interested in reading the book yourself?   Find it through my affiliate link here. Thoughts? Comments? Do so below. If you've enjoyed this episode, please support this podcast by doing any, all your shopping through my affiliate link: AMAZON: or DONATE/TIP here SUBSCRIBE Everywhere HERE   Let's keep in touch, sign up for the email list here YouTube version