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Gears 5, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Alien Isolation. What I'm playing right now on Xbox Game Pass.

YouTube version. These titles are games I recently finished or played on Xbox Gamepass.     Gears 5.    In the 2nd half of 2020, I downloaded and played this latest Gears game months after its release. Having played Gears 1-3, I enjoyed the visceral feel those games provided. The gunplay, the exploding enemies, it's satisfying. Give me great alien, sci-fi-action, and I'm in.      Destiny 2 became available in September 2020, and I started pouring hours into that game, putting Gears 5 down for a while. I never played Destiny but noticed my younger brother playing the first iteration back in 2014. Early last year, I had completed the Halo Master Chief Collection and wanted more Bungie goodness. After finishing a campaign or two in the looter shooter, I noticed that the game never ends, and I wanted to play a story from start to finish. Gears 5 was cinematic and, at times, intense. The first playthrough was challenging; the second was a great time. Jack's(your companion drone)

Three, Great Horror Comics you can Read Right Now!

YouTube Video. At the beginning of 2021, I did a Google search for the best comics of 2020.   Several websites had similar titles ranked, and Immortal Hulk, Gideon Falls, Ice Cream Man were three choices. There's plenty more I will be showcasing on this blog, these being the first three titles. These were all thankfully available in some form on Comixology Unlimited.  For $6 per month, the various titles I can read across several publishers are fantastic.   I also enjoy when a comic property has an upcoming movie or TV show, Comixology makes those original stories available on Unlimited. The only graphic novel on this list currently available through Comixology was Immortal Hulk.  Gideon Falls and Ice Cream Man were their single, first issues. Here are my impressions of these three titles; there will be spoilers. Marvel Comics Immortal Hulk Volume One.   I've never read the Hulk comic through this lens.  Bruce Banner is killed multiple times throughout this book, but the Hulk d

Breast Implants Saves Life-WEIRD STORIES

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. Check out this episode! The first 'weird stories' episode of 2021.   With 8 new stories!   1. Super Rich Injecting Teen Blood   -audio quote courtesy of Cnet   2. Humans Still Evolving   -audio quote from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes   3. UFO Sightings Increase in 2020   -quote from Fox 9 news   4. The Ghost of the La Parva Ski Resort   -audio courtesy of YouTuber Sonidos   5. Conspiracy-Capital Riot a Trap for Right Wingers   -audio courtesy of FRANCE 24   6. New Plane Where We Fly in its Wings

Welcome to the Paul Has Fun Blog!

  On this blog, I dig into my hobbies and document my life and interests.   I hope to encourage you to do the same! Thanks for spending time with me. Scroll down for the latest content.   WELCOME!   

The (Nearby) Future of Work & Life. Plus my 2021 Goals-SEASON PREMIERE

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Happy New Year friends.   Welcome to the season premiere of the podcast.  On this episode Mo Freemont(from the Reseller Niche podcast)and I discuss the future of work and life.   This is based on 3 interviews from the James Altucher show(links below). I also discuss my 2021 goals. Links: The three shows Mo and I listened to for our segment. James Altucher-George Gilder James Altucher-Jeff Wald James Altucher-Scott Galloway Find Mo and his podcast here-Reseller Niche podcast Thoughts? Comments? Do so below ...Or you can contact me by calling, texting or through WhatsApp 1-201-472-0429. If you leave a voicemail please be aware, you only have 3 minutes. This is a US number. Contact me by email here   Rate, like, leave a review! I will shout you out for sure! If you've enjoyed this, please support this podcast by doing any, all your shopping through my affiliate links: or my AMAZON link: