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Libertarian and MGTOW in the B-X

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Cash First(a pseudonym)is one of the hosts of the Fix 4 N.Y. podcast.   An episodic show which discusses applying libertarian principles and MGTOW beliefs to daily life in New York City.   What led Cash to these alternative beliefs?   He grew up impoverished in the Bronx.   He remembers being a boy and listening to his parents talk about their lack of money often.  This gentleman also talks about questioning love and marriage at a young age by seeing his brothers struggle financially because of divorce and separation(with children involved).   Police doing mass sweeps in his neighborhood with 'Stop and Frisk' and profiling individuals; Cash found unjust and began asking how can we protect ourselves instead.     I found this young man by listening to Coach Greg Adams podcast, where he's often a contributor in the chat and call-in show—making great points and playing funny sound clips, a la Coach Adams.   He is well-spoken, with an urban delivery, w

Be Single and Have Fun.

Dating is hard. Women and men have many options and a standard of who they will date. Until late last year, I was all about the dating apps and dating sites and not having great results. I discovered Coach Greg Adams on YouTube . He is a big proponent of MGTOW beliefs. I agree with a lot of what he has to say regarding dating, marriage, divorce, child support. How much of it benefits men the least.  My immediate family has generational separation if that's even a thing.   My parents' parents either weren't in the picture or separated.   My parents are divorced.    My brothers and sister are all separated from their child's biological parent.   Marriage is not in the cards for me, and I'm not going to take that risk. According to a US News article from December 2020 , the divorce rates have dropped from 2009-2019 by 2.1%.   But marriage rates within the same period have fallen by 1.3% For these reasons, I feel there will be even more single people in the future, lead

CrossCode and Donut County...I'm streaming games now!

I just wrapped my head around streaming on Twitch.    I'm late to the party, but the Xbox One and Playstation 4 make it easy to do so.   Here are my first two games I've ever streamed. CrossCode reminds me of fantastic action RPGs I would play on the Super Nintendo as a kid.   Such as Secret Of Mana and Chrono Trigger.   Find out more about CrossCode here. This is Donut County.   A relaxing game I started playing off Gamertag Radio's recommendation.   I did an interview some time ago with the main host of that podcast Danny Pena.   You can find that here.   What's Donut County about?    Click here. Follow me on Twitch here .    I edit the videos and put them up on YouTube later.   Here's my YouTube channel.   More to come!

My Current Favorite Tik Tok Videos-February 2021

I can spend 2 hours easily on Tik Tok.   Besides YouTube, it's the only other social media platform that zaps away that kind of time from me.   There so much comedy gold on Tik Tok, I wanted to share a few of those clips here.  Big shout out to Streamyard .   I had trouble figuring out OBS, but broadcasting from home using Streamyard makes it easy.   Follow me on Tik Tok here!


The Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde idea came to me as I got closer to the end of completing this drawing.   Mad scientist vibes were there from the start.    As always I used the Procreate app, the first gen Apple Pencil and an iPad Mini.   ArtPose Pro was used for the 3D model.   Some of the extra flares and animation I pulled off using Canva and Final Cut Pro.   I made this with the idea of posting it on Instagram Stories and Tik Tok, that's the reason for the dimensions. Time Lapsed Video

Undo It by Dean Ornish-My Biggest Takeaways + a Mixtape

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE.. In this episode, I discuss my biggest takeaways from Dean Ornish's book 'Undo It.'     Most days, I practice a vegan diet.   Other elements in my diet include fasting and oil, gluten-free foods.    Why?   I find this combination keeps me slim and full of energy.   Eating is a relaxing time for me; it happens at night, six hours before bedtime.   If I did it any earlier, it would slow me down from running errands.   To keep hydrated, I consume only water throughout the day.    I was encouraged to read this book because Dr. Ornish promotes a vegan diet.   But there's more.   He and his wife Anne also advocate a longevity lifestyle by loving more, stressing less, and moving more.  One of my big takeaways(I discuss more in this episode)from the book contends eating mindfully and not watching TV.   How it can rob one of the pleasures of tasting the food and knowing when you are full.   I suffer from this.   I love watching TV and having dinner si

The Man in Black Vs. Johnny Silverhand and Friends-Action Figure Photography

In my latest set of action figure pictures, I have the 'Man in Black' played by Matthew McConaughey from the 2017 Dark Tower movie, facing off against Johnny Silverhand played by Keanu Reeves from 2020's Cyberpunk 2077 game.   Johnny is accompanied by Psycho and Tiny Tina from the Borderlands series of video games.   Finally, I have  Star Trek Next Generation's Jordi Laforge as a blue alien.    Most figures are from Mcfarlane Toys, exceptions being the Man in Black(Diamond Select) and Jordi(Playmates).   The diorama is from Extreme Sets wave 2 Control Center, which is inspired by 1980s Transformers cartoons. This picture with the broken glass, comic book style, panel is my favorite!   It adds another level of excitement to the photo. I used an Apple Pencil, Ipad Mini, Canon G5X, and the Procreate app to put these together.   I also used elements and filters at to spruce up a pic or two.    I often have these types of confrontation or surprised themed shoots wh