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Comic Book Recommendations September 2020

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. This month I have three distinct comic book recommendations in different genres(these are affiliate links). 1. The Complete Elfquest Volume 1   2. Marvel's 1985   3. Beautiful by Marie D' Abreo   Find out more about Comixology Unlimited here   Thoughts? Comments? Do so below. YouTube version. 

360 Videos with the GoPro MAX

 Two videos which I shot using the GoPro Max on the Hudson river.    One, trying to stand up on a SUP board, the other I posted previously, in which I'm kayaking.   Find out more about the GoPro Max here  (affiliate link), or ask me any questions below.    I don't know all the ins/outs of the camera, but I can share what I do know. SUP boarding on the Hudson river   View this post on Instagram This past summer was the first time I've tried SUP boarding. In this vid, I successfully attempted standing on the board without falling off. Have you SUP boarded before? It's definitely a workout. #360 #littleplanet #supboard #hudsonriver A post shared by Social Dancer-Podcaster- (@paul_v_perez) on Sep 23, 2020 at 8:05pm PDT Kayaking in the same river.  View this post on Instagram On the #hudsonriver this past weekend...the #newjersey side #gopromax #360 #littleplanet A post shared by Social Dancer-Podcaster-

Have you ever watched Hanna on Amazon Prime? ARTWORK-TIME LAPSED

During this quarantine/pandemic period I admit to having watched a lot of TV.   One of the series I binged and enjoyed was Hanna on Amazon Prime.   This scene in this drawing takes place in the end of the first season where Hanna is fighting off several guards in what seems to be an arena.   As always I use the Procreate app on the iPad with an Apple Pencil. Find out more about Hanna here(this is an affiliate link). View this post on Instagram Have you seen Hanna on Amazon Prime? Great inspired me to draw this scene from the final episode of season 1. #hanna #amazonprime #artwork #timelapse A post shared by Social Dancer-Podcaster- (@paul_v_perez) on Sep 23, 2020 at 8:08pm PDT

Tombstone captures Spider Woman-ACTION FIGURE PHOTOGRAPHY

Here I have Marvel Legends Tombstone and Spider Woman.   I shot these in Hoboken, NJ.   I used my hand on the tripod to position Spider Woman, then drew over it with this tentacle machine.   A trap set by Tombstone.   The photos were later sweetened up using Canva.   You can find these action figures in the affiliate links below. Tombstone   Spider Woman   He's trapped her! The tentacle arms squeeze their grip on our brave heroine.  

The Messenger, My Friend Pedro and more video games I've been playing recently.

Here are four games I've been playing and enjoying as of late.   These are all on Xbox GamePass.   Find out more here(this is an affiliate link).     As I've said before, I feel GamePass is the best value in gaming, and it's convenient to use.   Especially if you're an Xbox gamer. This is The Messenger by Devolver Digital.   A total throwback to Ninja Gaiden on the NES, plus it doesn't take itself to seriously. View this post on Instagram If anyone remembers ‪#NinjaGaiden‬ on the ‪#Nintendo‬..this modern day game Called ‪#TheMessenger‬ is a total throwback to that classic. ‪#xboxone‬ ‪#xboxgamepass‬ A post shared by Social Dancer-Podcaster- (@paul_v_perez) on Sep 18, 2020 at 10:11am PDT This next game is My Friend Pedro.   I finished this game.   An action/comedy, side scrolling shooter which reminds me of Shadow Complex from the Xbox 360.  View this post on Instagram A game I recently finished and

Facts Vs. Emotion Based Opinions-My conversation with Davie World Peace

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. Davie World Peace is an intelligent, well spoken, fellow podcaster.    On this episode we discuss facts versus emotion based opinions, race, politics and more. He and his co-host Edward Zephyrin host the 2 Black Boys podcast which you can find here . You can reach out to Davie on his Instagram here. Thoughts? Comments? Do so below.  YouTube version.

Netflix's Social Dilemma documentary-Should You Quit Social Media?

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. I watched Netflix's Social Dilemma Documenarty recently. It sincerely has me considering quitting social media or limiting my usage. It's scary to think how algorithms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok keep us on their platforms. It's fun keeping up with friends and their feeds. I consume dance videos on these sites-learning new choreography and promotions on upcoming parties. Film, video game, pro wrestling; social media is my go-to for the latest news on these past times. But being in an echo chamber, fed only agreeable content based on the posts I'm engaging with, as an attempt to keep me on these networks longer feels wrong. I've been keeping track of my usage, and I spend more time on these networks than I do on my creative efforts, which I feel is my purpose in life. Also, news reporting, which has become more emotion-based in recent years, is dangerous. It can create anger, confusion, anxiety. I purposely stay off

Flynn Vs. K-Tron and Obsidian Fury-ACTION FIGURE PHOTOGRAPHY

New action figure photography!   I've been sitting on these a while.   Here I have the Tron 'Flynn' figure(the character from the 1982 movie) vs. K-Tron(from 2017's Valerian film) and Obsidian Fury from Pacific Rim: Uprising.    The set I'm using is Extreme-Sets Sector 7 Docking Bay.    Affiliate links down below.   Thoughts?   Comments?   Do so below. Obsidian Fury and K-Tron look for their target. It's lead them here to Sector 7. They have found they are looking for! They all react. Flynn defends himself. His reaction may be too slow. The showdown begins! Find these action figures here: Tron K-Tron   Obsidian Fury Find out more about the set here:  

Not All Christopher Nolan Movies are Great-Tenet Review

Listen To The Podcast Here! Check out this episode! Not all of Christopher Nolan's movies are god's gift to cinema. I watched Tenet last night, and it was satisfying, and it wasn't. Great to be back in a movie theater after being closed several months due to the pandemic. Thank you, state of New Jersey. 25% capacity, I was only one of six people in my 8 p.m. showing. Tenet was hard to follow. I felt I needed subtitles to understand all the dialogue between characters. I didn't understand why the protagonist, played by John David Washington(who's voice sounds so much like his dad's-which is cool), had to do X, Y, or Z(no spoilers). Also, the music and sound effects were so loud at times. Which other Nolan movies did I feel where good but not great? Dunkirk was hard to follow; I eventually fell asleep while watching it but found the ending satisfying. The Dark Knight Rises doesn't wrap up its antagonists very well and feels overly stuffed. Besides these th