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Shazam-Fury of the Gods-SPOILER REVIEW & More!

Check out this episode! YouTube version. Shazam Fury of the Gods review with Jason G.   Also included are several other reviews I've done on social media recently which include Cocaine Bear, Creed 3, Scream 6 and Ant-Man Quantumania.  ALL HAVE SPOILERS! Thoughts? Comments? Do so below. Rate, like, leave a review! If you've enjoyed this episode, please support this podcast by doing any, all your shopping through my affiliate link: AMAZON: or DONATE/TIP here SUBSCRIBE Everywhere HERE  

How was your 2022?

Check out this episode! YouTube version. How was your 2022? Here's mine in a nutshell. Emotions and relationships. Getting to travel twice with family was the highlight of the year. First, traveling to my mother's birth country and staying in a resort with my mother, sister, and niece were fantastic. Then, going to Las Vegas with my mother, sister, and older brother was beautiful and has created memories I won't forget.   I'm still not the brother/son/uncle/nephew who calls and looks for family regularly-same goes for friends. Often I'm busy in my world. Some days I'm okay with that; others, I'm not. Frustrations at times with co-workers and my living situation came about. As a result, I've thought of changing my job and apartment. But I'm usually comfortable where I'm currently and not dissatisfied. Of course, there's pressure to be more and do more, but I haven't reached the breaking point yet, and I'm having a fun time in my life.

Scream 6 Was Ridiculous Fun! SPOILER REVIEW

 Here's my spoiler review of Scream 6.   Have you seen it?   Post your thoughts down below.

Creed 3 was GREAT! Spoiler Review.

 Creed 3 was a great and different entry into the Rocky Balboa Universe.   These are my spoiler-ish thoughts on Micheal B. Jordan's directorial debut.   Post your thoughts, comments down below.

Cocaine Bear was ..OK-Movie Review

 Here's my Cocaine Bear review.   It was just OK for me.   I go a little more in depth in this quick review.   Have you seen Cocaine Bear?   Post your thoughts down below.