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My Biggest Takeaways from 'Treating Pornography Addiction' Book and More

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: I'm attempting to make longer podcasts.   These are the topics covered on this episode.   What have I been watching?   eBay Update.   What have I recently sold?   DC Comics 2008 Final Crisis graphic novel review-SPOILERS   3 Weird Stories for this week.   My Biggest Takeaways from ‘Treating Pornography Addiction’ by Dr. Kevin Skinner   Speaking with my friend Cary regarding growing older and not choosing to have children. Here's an affiliate link for 'Treating Pornography Addiction'   YouTube Version of a Big Takeaway from the book. Final Crisis Review-Video Links to the weird stories discussed in this episode. Bats Drop Dead   Monkeys Chain-smoking   Shoppers Won’t Go Vegan   Podcasts that I referred to regarding eBay..  'Scavenger Life'   ..regarding porn addiction Porn Reboot podcast ht

Essential Mixtape-November 2020

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE This is the November mixtape.   With music in several genres. Trap, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Dance, pop, Reggaeton, Dembow, Soca and more.   Here's a preview of the Dancehall portion. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Social Dancer-Podcaster- (@paul_v_perez) Here's the track listing: Dancehall Everyday Thing (Party) Munga Honorable Idgaf Skillibeng Drive Gone Busy Signal Action D Major Deh Yah (feat. Collie Buddz & Ricky Blaze) Gyptian, Collie Buddz, Ricky Blaze Legacy Mavado Party Nice Vybz Kartel Dancers Segment Elephant Man, Horro General Gweh Ding Dong Dance and Pop Essential Workers Anthem Marc Rebillet i miss u Jax Jones, Au/Ra Get Close Disclosure All On Me Tchami, Zhu Talks - Mura Masa Dub  PVA, Mura Masa Who’s Gonna Stop Me (feat. Weird Al" Yankovic)"  Portugal.

Dancing with Friends in Times Square-November 2020

 I've been posting these dance get-togethers with friends for a few months now.   Someone suggested starting a Meetup group for future congregations and I did!   Want to join us for our next FREE Dancehall Afrobeats Link up?   Check us out on Meetup here and stay up to date on future powwows. YouTube Video

Greedo Says 'Hello' From the WWE Slambulance.

The 6" Greedo action figure from the Star Wars Black series sitting in the WWE Slambulance.   I love the articulation and detail in the modern 6" action figures.   It beats the GI Joes and 3" figures I've grown up with.   Finding vehicles and playsets to fit these newer figures is tough.   When it happens, it's magic!   I took this pic on my iPhone SE Affiliate links: Greedo-Star Wars Black Series   WWE Slambulance  

What Am I playing this week? Katana Zero and still playing Destiny 2

Katana Zero became available on Xbox Gamepass a couple of weeks ago.   Gameplay and presentation reminds me of Shinobi on the Genesis.   The game also has 80s style elements like VCR(style) pause menu and a rewind feature which replays your play through a particular level.   Fun! View this post on Instagram #katanazero is a game which was recently added to #gamepass …these side scrolling action games take me back to the #sega and #nintendo 8-bit, 16 bit days …action with a amnesia storyline…with an #80s throwback feel A post shared by Social Dancer-Podcaster- (@paul_v_perez) on Oct 28, 2020 at 11:46am PDT Still playing Destiny 2. You get a load of value with this game, but it can be a little repetitive with the fetch quests and tasks. This is the penultimate ending to the Red War campaign(no spoilers).   View this post on Instagram Games I’m playing this week…still enjoying #destiny2 …final moments from the #redwar campaign...the big