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My Conversation with Choreographer King Kayak-Season Finale

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. The final episode of the year. The season finale. My conversation with Wendell Bullen, aka King Kayak from Danca Family. If you're a dancer who aspires to be a professional making his/her living from dance, this is a great episode. Wendell tells his story, from his humble beginnings to currently being one of the most popular Dancehall choreographers in NYC and how he went about doing that. All the ways to contact King Kayak Twitter   Instagram   Website   YouTube   YouTube version.

Star Wars. The Rise of Skywalker SPOILER REVIEW

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Was this trilogy necessary?    Could've it been better served as a TV series?    Was the final chapter in the Skywalker saga satisfying?    I answer all these questions in this SPOILER review of the latest Star Wars. What is this movie about?    Go here for more   YouTube version.

Knives Out Review-NO SPOILERS

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. Director Rian Johnson has made movies I've enjoyed.    Looper(2012) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi(2017)come to mind.    His latest film is Knives Out, and it's very enjoyable.    Check out my non-spoiler review. Find out more about Knives Out here   I mentioned the film Clue in this review.   What is Clue?  Find out. here.   YouTube version.

DarkHawk Deadly Favor-Action Figure Comic

YOUTUBE VERSION Here I've made a small story with action figures.   I've loved these types of toys for some time and wanted to combine this with my passion for drawing and produce something I've never done before. Here I used Marvel, NECA, Halo figures. Extreme Sets dioramas and my artwork(using an iPad, Apple Pencil, and the Procreate app).  This is my first attempt in this format and looking to do more. Thoughts? Comments? Do so on the below. 

My Conversation with ShoShots the Photographer

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Shoshots is an excellent photographer. I love the moments he captures, especially in party settings. His photos(he's taken of myself)I most often share on social media and dating profile! I wanted to up my picture game, so I asked him if I can pick his brain. In doing so, I found out more about the man behind the camera. Check out his website here   Here's his Instagram   YouTube version:

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. My Biggest Takeaways.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: YouTube version: Reading and enjoying Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’ inspired me to Google ‘best spiritual books.’ The Celestine Prophecy was one of those books. Siddartha, my last ‘biggest takeaways’ entry, was one as well.     The Celestine Prophecy plays out like a movie when listening to the audiobook version. Some of the dialogue intrigued me and moved me to highlight a particular text in the Kindle version of the book. The question which fascinates me, ‘why do we do what we do’ is brought up multiple times in this novel. I figure if I can find out why I do what I do, I can be a better, more understanding, and forgiving version of myself. Here’s a description of what this book is about   Here are some of my biggest takeaways. Do any of these passages resonate with you? Please let me know. Page 5-6 The first thought that comes to mind is high amount of divorce taking place today, after

Big Bad BBQ 2019. Coney Island. Party VIDEO

Summer 2019 memories. It's great fun recording friends and events. This party was fun, but man it was hot that day. A lot of Soca was played and that's not totally my thing. Love the good vibes. YOUTUBE VERSION

Final Weird Stories Episode for 2019!

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Check out this episode! I love covering weird(and true)stories and this is a the final edition for 2019.    The stories covered: 1-Skyscraper sized meteor passes by Earth   2-Woman bites camel’s testicles   3-Mysterious fireball in the skies of Chile   4-5000 year old city found   5-Family living in cellar for 9 years   Thoughts? Comments? Do so on the below.    YOUTUBE VERSION

My Conversation with DJ Fade

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: Check out this episode! DJ Fade is a DJ, model, producer and one half of the duo Jersey Gods.   'It's Time' is one of their most popular tracks.    Gaining repeated radio play on Hot 97, Power 105(local stations in the tri-state area)and more.    DJ Fade comes on and give us a brief history on his musical background, his inspiration.   He also shares great insights on networking and tells us about an exciting collaboration he's putting together with dancehall artist Shenseea. LINKS Follow DJ Fade on Twitter at   Listen to his music on Soundcloud here   YOUTUBE VERSION