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Where Were You When That Happened?

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Mo Fremont and I discuss where we were when life changing events happened around us.  Such as 9/11, the California Wildfires and more. Find Mo Fremont at his podcast the Reseller Niche here , especially if you are interested in eBay reselling. Thoughts? Comments? Do so below.    Contact me by email here   Rate, like, leave a review! I will shout you out for sure! If you've enjoyed this episode, please support this podcast by doing any, all your shopping through my affiliate link: AMAZON: or DONATE here SUBSCRIBE HERE   YouTube version

Happy Thanksgiving Dance 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Thanks for all your support in listening to the podcast, checking out my videos, blog, social media.   It is much appreciated.   Here's a dance video celebrating yet another Thanksgiving.   Tell your family, friends, those important to you how much you appreciate them.  If this pandemic has shown us anything is another reminder of how short life truly is.   God bless and thank you once again. 

Mighty Goose-Awesome Throwback Game!

  This game takes me back to my childhood.   Think Metal Slug and Mega Man had a baby and you get this title.   Mighty Goose is now available on most major gaming sites and consoles.   I'm playing this on my Xbox One, it's currently on Game Pass.   Have you played Mighty Goose?   Comment down below. Here's me playing Mighty Goose.