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My interview of DJ Gringo

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: DJ Gringo is one of my favorite selectors.   When I attend one of his parties, I know I'm in for a good time.   It was a pleasure to sit down and get to know this man, listen to his his story and accomplishments. Currently, he runs two regular, weekly parties.   Sunday nights at Bar 13 in Union Square(NYC)and Tuesdays at Kinfolk in Williamsburg(Brooklyn). Also, he has a long running Reggae/Dancheall radio show on Sirius XM, The Joint 42.   You can tune in Sundays from 1p-7p. You can find more information on DJ Gringo, on Instagram, here

Zombieland Double Tap SPOILER REVIEW

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: Is this movie one of my favorites of the year?   What did Jason G think?   Here's our spoiler review of Zombieland Double Tap. This is the movie Jason was talking about Freaks of Nature (2015/affiliate link) the time of this recording, I found it free on Crackle(with ads). Thoughts? Comments? Do so below.

New York City Comic Con 2019 pictures

I did this a few years where I would walk around the outside of the Jacob Javits Center(in New York City), while Comic Con was taking place.    Watching attendees in their cosplay outfits is fun.    They are kindly willing to be photographed.   Here are some of those pictures. YOUTUBE VERSION

Pics from the Major League Wrestling show from July 2019

I'm grateful to any event which I attend and allows pictures to be taken.   This is my 2nd MLW event at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens.   I've had a great time at both.   Here are photos of the wrestlers doing their thing. Find out more on their website at   Enjoy!   Thoughts, comments, do so below. YOUTUBE VERSION

Gemini Man Quick Review plus ARTWORk-SPOILERS

Gemini  man is a fun action thriller.  Director Ang Lee shot this film at 120 frames per second.   The screening I would come to see was in 60 frames per second in IMAX 3D, and It looks incredible.    The backgrounds look painted.    Will Smith's younger version of himself did not look out of place amongst the other actors.    The visuals were sharp and smooth at the same time.    During the action scenes, the blending of CGI and reality was seamless.    This film has some impressive action scenes.   The stand out being the motorcycle sequence This isn't a story we haven't seen before.   In a nutshell, a soldier serves his country dutifully for years, now wants to retire, but knows too much and must be erased.   In Gemini Man, this basic premise was handled well.  A few spoiler notes; I don't disagree with Clive Owen's reasoning for creating clones, but couldn't he of used robots instead?   Also, I liked that Will Smith's Henry(who is presented as a no-

October 2019 Mixtape

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: Another mixtape of some of my favorite current songs.    Several genres in this mix.    There are also some inspirational quotes from movies and motivational speakers sprinkled in.    Here's the  track listing:  Dancehall vibes Vybz Kartel ‘Drone Dem’ Govanna ‘Cups Up’ Vybz Kartel ‘One Way’ Mavado ‘Keep Going Up’ Point Zero ‘AC’ Vybz Kartel ‘Pandora 19’ Gage ‘Something Bout Yuh’ Gage ‘Good Pussy Gyal’ GBM Nutron ‘Practice’ Yoda quote from Star Wars: The Last Jedi R&B & Trap tunes Ruel ‘Face to Face’ Lucky Daye ‘Real Games’ Big Boi ‘Intentions’ Raphael Saadiq ‘So Ready’ Black Coffee ‘Lalala’ MadeinTYO ’Stop Calling’ BlocBoy JB ‘Mercedes’ Baby Keem ‘France Freestyle’ Jay Park ‘K-TOWN’ Father ‘Handful’ Rocky quote from Rocky Balboa Rock & Pop Hobo Johnson ‘Typical Story’ Grandson ‘Oh No!!’ Bulow ‘Own Me’ Hey Violet ‘Close My Eyes’ William Bolton ‘Serendipity’ Cold War Kids ‘Complainer’ Olivia Holt ‘B

Joker Movie REView-SPOILERS

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: On this episode Jason G. and I review Todd Phillips Joker.   Based on the famous DC comics villain from Batman lore.   We both very much enjoyed this film but both felt it wasn't perfect.   Joaquin Phoenix's performance in the film is incredible and undeniable for sure.    Have you seen Joker?   Please post your thoughts, comments, feedback down below. I was anticipating this movie.   In my excitement, I drew my version of Phoenix's character here. We shot this right after the review.    Geez, we look tired.    Looking forward to the next movie night with Jason G.