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BlackKKlansman Review, Birthday Reflections, MIXTAPE, Weird Stories & More!!

Thoughts? Comments? You can contact me by calling or texting 1-201-429-0274. If you leave a voicemail please be aware, you only have 3 minutes. Email me at   There are affiliate links in these articles. 4 new weird stories for this episode: Austrian Man tries to board train with horse.   Drone footage captures tribe which has never had contact with outside world.   AI painting for sale.   A baby with a brain tumor underwent a miraculous recovery after a kiss from Pope Francis.   Avengers Forever-Comic Book Review Video Review There is an affiliate link in this article. Links Geek History Lesson: The Avengers Top 5 Stories   Avenger Forever, check it out here   43rd Birthday Reflections Links Pornfree Radio Episode   Mixtap

2nd Labor Day Weekend party at Hudson Terrace in NYC

This was the 2nd Labor Day Party at  Hudson Terrace  Great tunes, great times, great people.    This was shot using my iPhone SE and an Osmo Mobile 2. Related Post: This was the first Labor Day party I went to this weekend.

Labor Day Weekend 2018-Dancehall Party-Vibes Friday in Brooklyn, NYC

This is one of two Labor Day (2018) parties I attended with friends.    This is the Vibes Friday party which takes place every Friday at the Five Spot in Brooklyn.    DJ Fyahrama is the best female Dancehall DJ, I’ve heard to date. Find more of my party videos under the ‘Dance’ tab. RELATED POST Here was my last party video here.

Time Lapse Artwork. Wrestling Announcer. One Fall.

New Artwork! This was inspired by MLW Wrestling(which you can watch here ). Which you can watch on YouTube. When the match announcer says 'One Fall!', everyone in the audience repeats  😁  ...I have this for sale in my TeePublic store as a shirt, hoodie, mug, you name it! Check it out here

Crazy Rich Asians REVIEW, Biggest Takeaways from Robert Cialdini's book INFLUENCE

AUDIO VERSION BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS-Robert Cialdini's 'Influence' This book was tough to get through.   It felt like I was back in school and I was doing homework.     I did glean some useful information from here.     This material I feel is especially useful if you're in sales, a public figure working on attracting others to you(what I'm doing with this podcast), or being an everyday consumer and knowing when someone is trying to 'sell' you on something.     These are some of my biggest takeaways from Robert Cialdini's 'Influence': -'One favorite and profitable tactic of certain compliance professionals is to give something before asking for a return favor.' Page 49.   A great sales tactic! -'Even though they had committed themselves under anonymous circumstances, the act of writing down their first judgments caused them to resist the influence of contradictory new data and to remain consistent with their p