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Dancing with a message of Hope!

YouTube Video New ‘Dancing with a Message’ video with hopeful words from Joel Osteen.   The instrumental is the World Government riddim released in 2020.   ‘Keep hope alive’ during these trying times. 

Homemade Almond Milk. Easy Recipe!

YouTube Video Vegan, oil free, gluten free.    A simple recipe to make the fresh nut milk. Ingredients: -Water -Almonds -Cinnamon powder -Nutmeg powder -Cloves powder -Collodial Silver 30ppm (optional) Tools used(affiliate links): Vitamix Blender   Nutmilk Bag   Collodial Silver 30 ppm   Thoughts? Comments? Do so below.   Want more recipe videos?   Let me know.

Dancing With A Message-VIDEO

Dancing with a message.   Please do listen to the message(from the start of the video).   Big shout to all teachers which taught me these moves.   The quote is from Rob Dial and his Mindset Mentor podcast.

What To Watch While Quarantined plus Spoiler Reviews.

YouTube version. Many of us are stuck indoors due to the Coronavirus.     Why not have some great stuff to watch?   Here’s my list of recommendations.   TV and movie options.     On this episode I also have spoiler reviews of Lost In Space season 2, Narcos Mexico Season 2(both on Netflix)and Blumhouse’s Invisible Man. Is money tight?   You can chose 1-2 streaming options.   Which are currently the two best streaming services to subscribe to?   I give my opinion on the topic. Finally Jason G gives us his reviews of Parasite and Birds of Prey. Enjoy my recommendations and reviews?   Check out my new book here   There are affiliate links below TV Show Recommendations Westworld Season 1-HBO-see it here- I’m Not Okay with This -Netflix McMillions - HBO-see it here- Kingdom Season 2 - Netflix The Act-Hulu Watchmen-HBO-see it here- Sex education season 2-Netflix R

Gluten Free Oil Free Vegan Ice Cream-Nice Cream-BASIC

YouTube link:  Here’s my very basic recipe for ‘Nice Cream.’ I learned this from another YouTuber. Big thanks to the vegan community for posting recipes and inspiring me to make this video. Ingredients & Tools: 3 frozen bananas Ground Cinnamon-(a pinch) Ground Nutmeg-(a pinch) Ground Cloves-(a pinch) 2 Tbsp Granola (the brand I used has no oil) Specific granola I used-Back to Nature Gluten Free Classic Granola (affiliate link here ) Vitamix Blender (affiliate link here ) Enjoy!

Here's some recent Action Figure Photography I've taken

I was laid off from work this week.   So I will be having loads of spare time to pursue hobbies.    I enjoy taking pictures of my action figures in various poses.    Here's DJ from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.    On the hunt for a xenomorph.   Alien!    I posted this on Instagram and said the I was DJ and the Alien was Covid-19. Here's the scene from a different angle. The figures used here DJ and NECA Alien figure (these are affiliate links). Here I have Luis(from Ant-Man) in the jaws of a very large T-Rex from Jurassic World.    I took this picture in a parking lot around my neighborhood.   You can find Luis here  and the dinosaur here   Here I have zombie Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks from the WWE posing in Times Square.    On Instagram I posted this as the zombie apocalypse happening in the center of the world.   Or so it's called.   Find Seth here https

My Biggest Takeaways-Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss

On this episode I discuss my biggest takeaways from Brian Weiss' book 'Many Lives Many Masters.'    This book ends my series of spiritual books(for now).    My two previous 'biggest takeaway' episodes covered: The Celestine Phrophecy   Siddartha   You can find out more Mr. Weiss' book and purchase it here   YouTube version

My Conversation with Dancer-Choreographer Pyrotech Unruly

Check out this episode! Pyrotech Unruly.   One of the three members of the Pyrotech Dancers.   One of the hottest dancehall crews in NYC. In this interview Unruly tells his story honestly and unapologetically.   Follow him on Instagram at: Follow his dance crew on Instagram here: YouTube version 

There Will Be Spoilers. A Collection of Movie and TV Reviews from an Everyday Fan-MY NEW BOOK. OUT NOW!

My new book is out now.   If you a fan of my movie and TV reviews, this is for you.   This is a collection of reviews from the last 4 years.   Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback formats.   A short quick read.   A little over 8,000 words.   Here's the official description: I'm a person who was inspired by movie and TV critics and thought, that's fun I want to do that. Thus this audiobook was born. I'm a comic book, horror, sci-fi fan. Here I've collected my own thoughts on popular shows such as  Stranger Things . Thoughts on many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe entries, and much more. Above all I'm a regular person who's chasing his dreams and want to be an example to others who are looking to do the same. These are a collection of my movie and TV reviews, but beware, there will be spoilers. You can purchase 'There Will Be Spoilers' right here. 

John Wick Vs. Freddy, Jason, Micheal Meyers-Action Figure Artwork.

New Artwork with Action Figures. John Wick versus Freddy, Jason Vorhees and Micheal Meyers. Action, horror who will win?! YouTube time lapse video.   Artwork creation. Want this on a bag, mug, pillow? This piece is available at my Teepublic store!   Action Figures Used(these are affiliate links): Diamond Select John Wick   NECA Jason Vorhees  NECA Micheal Meyers NECA Freddy Kruger 

Dog Drives Car?-Weird Stories March 2020

Check out this episode! The three weird stories covered in this episode: 1.  Dog Owners Take More Selfies of Their Dogs than Their Own families and loved ones   2.  Dog Drives Car?  https:///2VCdsic   3. Scientist Discover 71 New Species in 2019   YouTube version.