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DJ Gravy-How was the Rice and Peas Party Created?


Dave Susser (aka DJ Gravy) is a Reggae/Dancehall aficionado who helped bring that particular culture in the form of the Rice and Peas party into Downtown NYC nightlife in the mid-2000s.

Raised in the Bronx, Gravy was exposed to many cultures and ethnicities at a young age. In addition, his mother(a linguist and teacher) introduced him and his older brother to world travel. They had a friend on an airline who hooked them up with inexpensive fare — allowing the three to travel to the U.K., India, Egypt, Greece, and more.

As he became older, this combination of experiences gave Gravy the confidence to explore the melting pot, music, and various cultures around New York City. Reggae music resonated with him the most.

He recalls attending concerts by iconic artists such as Buju Banton and Beenie Man. He was drawn to the atmosphere, the D.J.s, the called responses, the roar of the crowd as their favorite songs came on.

That same energy with international, downtown, uptown, and outer boro crowds in cool NYC spaces is the Rice and Peas concept which has been ongoing for the last 14 years. Unfortunately, it has been inactive the previous 24 months due to the pandemic, but it will be back soon. I, as a fan and regular attendee, cannot wait.

See some video of that party here.

He brings up Max Glazer, Skerrit Bwoy, and Micro Don on this episode.   All previous podcast guests which you can find in the links below.

Max Glazer

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Here's Gravy discussing Rice and Peas.

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