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Your Being Unattractive is Working For You.


In consuming MGTOW content from YouTubers Coach Greg Adams, Red Pill Men's Health, and Sandman, I've realized that my beta-self, who is not traditionally attractive, is a plus.

Ideally, I'd like to attract someone like myself.   Thin/fit, little to no debt, no kids, similar interests.   But I realized that this group of women consider themselves high-value and want more enticing options than myself.   That being a man with the three 6s.   6 foot tall, six-pack abs, earns six figures.    The exception to the rule is an unattractive man who makes 6-7 figures monthly/annually.

The women I tend to attract are overweight single mothers who are swimming in debt.   I have dated these women in the past, but now I know better with this newfound knowledge.

Currently, I do not have any children, have never been married, and have no debt.   I have peace, quiet, and freedom.   No child support, alimony, mortgage/car payments.   My time and money are for me. 

Children and dating are expensive.  So I pay for sex, which can overall be less money over time.   I've documented before that I do have a sex addiction.   A technique I've learned in coping with this bad habit is monitoring my relapses on a calendar.    By doing so, I can see my patterns and retain my semen longer and spend less money per month on porn and sex workers.   Currently, I can go 7-10 days before the cravings intensify.   My goal is 14-21 days.   Paying for sex has its risks in terms of STDs and potentially being arrested.   

How do I deal with loneliness and intimacy?   I find it with family and friends, but I still get lonely.   To combat the isolation, having outside activities or hobbies at home keeps me occupied.

Why go this route?   I've had more examples in my 45 years of existence that monogamy is temporary.   It will last for a few months/years, but many fall out of happiness for one reason or the other and want to seek it elsewhere.   With dating apps and social media, men and women have more options and attention(especially women) than before.   I'm not criticizing this or saying that we as a society have to head back to traditional man-woman ideals of the 50s and 60s, but let's call a spade a spade.   Fewer divorces are happening, but there are also fewer people getting married.

I'm not looking for sympathy or be told, 'you're a good guy; get out there and keep looking.   You'll find the right one.'   Cold approaching(online or off), dealing with hundreds of rejections, seeking women who weren't worth spending the time and energy to engage with in the first place is such a waste.   

TV and movies shaped what I thought a relationship between a man and a woman should be, but it's obviously a fantasy.   I was angry, disappointed, and hurt in realizing this.   Welcome to the real world.   Coming to this truth has also given me more determination to work on my creative endeavors.    So this overall isn't a bad thing.

I have opted out of having children, but I am glad the world is still procreating.   Recently watching the Handmaid's Tale, a dystopian future where women are mainly used to bred children, I wouldn't want to live in that world.   But then again, that's TV influencing me. 

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