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Furloughed from Work for A Year


My friend Jason and I have worked in the hospitality industry collectively over 35 years. In our careers, this is the first time we’ve been furloughed 12 months plus due to world events. I’m sure we are not exclusively in this position. In this podcast, we discuss our thoughts on Wandavision, upcoming superhero, sci-fi tv shows, and movies. We also discuss which comics we’ve recently enjoyed. Pleasant escapes from our worries on whether life will ever get back to normal. Finally, we discuss our unemployed existence during the last year.

This time off from work has allowed me to deeply examine my compulsions, accept my bachelor life as a positive, and shown me what kind of person I would be if I retired from work today. I’m grateful for my creativity. It helps keep my mind occupied. Seeing this podcast grow has been tremendous. Leftover paychecks from work, stimulus money, and NYC Unemployment have been a godsend and kept me afloat in these times.

I’ve often heard those on their death beds lament not spending more time with family and friends. I’m also aware that we can’t hold on to people in our lives. Individuals will come and go, and that is the tide of life. To willingly accept this and be grateful we’ve spent any time together. I’ve worked on more quality moments with family and friends throughout this period, but I can still do better.

Jason suggests using this time and do things that we’ve always wanted to do and have a checklist of activities to look forward to after the world has opened again.

Have you been furloughed from work for some time? Was or has it been positive or negative? Please comment below.

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