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Breast Implants Saves Life-WEIRD STORIES


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The first 'weird stories' episode of 2021.   With 8 new stories!


1. Super Rich Injecting Teen Blood 

-audio quote courtesy of Cnet


2. Humans Still Evolving 

-audio quote from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


3. UFO Sightings Increase in 2020 

-quote from Fox 9 news


4. The Ghost of the La Parva Ski Resort 

-audio courtesy of YouTuber Sonidos


5. Conspiracy-Capital Riot a Trap for Right Wingers 

-audio courtesy of FRANCE 24


6. New Plane Where We Fly in its Wings 

-audio courtesy of TU Delft Aerospace Engineering


7. Women’s Breast Implants Save Her Life 

-audio courtesy of Mark Lotsu


8. Woman Pushed Through Sewers 

-audio courtesy of

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