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Ready Player One-REVIEW-spoilers!

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PVP: It's the Improve and Have Fun podcast. We just finished watching "Ready Player One." I'm here with Mr. David and Jason G.

(Read or listen to the Ready Player One book here )

Jason G: Hey!

David: Yes.

PVP: Alright Jason, what did you think about Ready Player One?

Jason G: Oh my goodness. This movie was incredible. I had an extraordinary amount of fun. It's probably going to be in my top five movies of the year. We saw it in 4DX; I cannot imagine a better way to experience this film. We saw "Ghost in the Shell" in 4DX, that was incredible. This is the best movie I've ever seen in this format. I recommend people to see this movie in a theater with the biggest screen. The 3D is awesome, but 4DX is the way to go.

(What is 4DX?  check that out here )

David: Jason, how many movies have you seen in 4DX?

Jason G: I've probably seen around five.

David: Want to list them?

Jason G: I saw "Rogue One," "Ghost in the Shell," "Ready Player One," and a couple more. But I forgot the other two; I'll have to look.

(Here is a link to our review of 'Ghost In The Shell' )

PVP: I haven't seen too many movies in 4DX. This is the second movie I've seen in this format. The first one was "Deep Water Horizon'. I want to cosign what you said. This is probably going to be one of my favorites of 2018 as well.

I was sucked into this world. There were points where this felt like a Universal Studios(park)ride. With all the references to movies of the past, pop culture, cartoons, and video games; you'd have to see it two to three times just to catch everything. What a ride.

This was a combination of old and new. A mix of things that we enjoyed in our youth, and modern-day VR entertainment. Phenomenal. I very much enjoyed it. Thank you, Steven Spielberg. You took me back to when you were making movies like "E.T.," and 'Crystal Skull.'

David: "Indiana Jones"?

PVP: Exactly. This is a big adventure movie.

Jason G: He said this was the third hardest movie that he's ever made, with "Jaws" being number one.
Boy did he do a good job.

No one makes a movie like Spielberg does. This man made "Jurassic Park." The adventure, the danger, the fun. He's really good at what he does.

David: I echo both of your sentiments. You notice a Steven Spielberg directed movie; this didn't look like his technique, but it was great.

You guys fooled me. I didn't know what I was getting into with the 4DX. Wow, my back feels great. Looking forward to seeing other films this way.

PVP: We universally agreed we would see this again.

David: And the Easter eggs. There's so many.

PVP: 100%. What were some of the standouts for you?

David: There's one image I noticed in the very beginning. It was a billboard showing a film, a superhero film. And I didn't know what it was. Was it a future Spider-Man movie or something?

PVP: The billboard I noticed in the distance, was promoting, the VR suits the characters wore.

David: Maybe that's what it was.

PVP: Regarding the Easter eggs I noticed; "Krull," "Mecha Godzilla," "Gundam," "Battle Toads," "Halo," "Overwatch," "Street Fighter," "Batman." I saw Joker in there; I saw Harley Quinn in there.

David: TJ Miller was great in the movie, by the way.

Jason G: I don't even know who that is, but he was very, very good.

PVP: You've seen him, he was in "Deadpool".

Jason G: Oh, okay.

If you grew up in the 70's and 80's and maybe early 90's, and you're between the ages of 30 and 50, this movie will make you smile.

PVP: We can spoil it, these reviews always have spoilers.

Jason G: My favorite part was where they go into "The Shining" movie. I enjoyed this film growing up. It scared the shit out of me.

David: That was an homage to Kubrick, right?

David: Yeah. I also noticed the pod from "2001: A Space Odyssey". I couldn't believe nobody saw that.

PVP: I did notice that.

Jason G: Yeah, yeah I saw that.

PVP: Other references include Iron Giant, Freddy Kruger...

David: Yes stuff from the 70's and 80's.

PVP: Exactly.

David: Even from the 2000s.

PVP: Yes! Game characters from Overwatch, Halo, Gears Of War. There's a lot in this movie.

Jason G: I saw a poster from "Back to the Future." It was of the mayor of Twin Pines or whatever the town's name.

PVP: Not Biff Tannen.

Jason G: No, no, no. The guy who became mayor, the black guy who was sweeping up the shop.

PVP: I do want to go back to that Shining scene. It was one of the best in the movie. I can see studios re-releasing these older films in VR. Where we the audience are in the theaters with VR headsets experiencing things in a completely different way.

David: This year 2018 there has there been a convergence of culture regarding time. Kids are into stuff from decades past. 'Stranger Things' as an example.

There are people right now who are into living as if they were in the 80's.

PVP: Style-wise.

David: Yeah and culture.

Jason G: In Japan, there are groups of young dancers, who will put on shows with dance styles from the 80's or early 90's.

David: Breakdancing?

Jason G: More 90s style.

PVP: Blazers with the big shoulder pads?

Jason G: Yeah, a lot of stuff is coming back.

PVP: Alright gentlemen, we're wrapping it up. Any cons with the movie?

David: Some of the effects in the theater were overkill.

PVP: You're talking about the 4DX effects?

David: Yes. But not even enough to complain, compared to how great it was.

PVP: Jason?

Jason G: "Back to the Future," the original one, is a flawless movie directed by Spielberg. You can not say that about this. I would say the story could have been a little more clever. It was a little on the simple side, but it made up for it in so many other ways.

PVP: My only nitpick with this movie was how the kids came together in the game. How one guy got the key, then they all get the key afterward. It was very convenient. I like their chemistry when they're all together in the real world.

I also wanted to add, Mark Rylance was great.

David: What was that? Who was he?

PVP: He was the old guy who made the oasis.

Jason G: So let's talk about numbers now, I guess?

David: You guys think it's gonna beat "Black Panther"?

PVP: I don't know.

Jason G: Are you talking about regarding box office money? I would say no, I think "Black Panther" will probably beat it. Now let's go to the numbers. I would say this is a nine.

PVP: That's great. I'm with you right there. Nine all the way.

Jason G: People like when Spielberg's on his game. These types of adventure movies don't always hit, but I still appreciate them. He's always working. He'll do some dramas like he just did "The Post"
with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. He has so much range.

David: I'm gonna give it an eight.

PVP: David, Jason, thank you so much. If you the listener/viewer/reader saw this movie, what are your thoughts? Please let us know below or through any/all of the contact info in the show notes. This is the Improve and Have Fun podcast. The summer(?)movie season is just beginning. Very exciting. See you on the next one.

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