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Pacific Rim Uprising Review-SPOILERS

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Jason G is back and he and I are reviewing Pacific Rim Uprising.   There are spoilers.

Have you seen the first movie?  You can do so here (this is an affiliate link) 

Paul: This is the Improve and Have Fun podcast. I'm here with Jason G. We just came out of seeing Pacific Rim Uprising. What are your thoughts, buddy?

Jason: Hey, how you're doing? Long time no see. It's good to be back at movie night and the podcast. Opening thoughts, it's an excellent movie. It's definitely not for everybody, but I had a lot of fun.

Paul: We definitely had a lot of fun. We were laughing a lot. I would say the monsters, the Kaiju and the Jaegers, looked even better in this one. They were a lot more detailed. Especially during the daylight scenes.

Pros and cons; the movie went by at a breakneck pace, which I liked. On the con side, the characters were a little underdeveloped.

In essence, it's an 80s action movie. Very little character development, a lot of explosions. A lot of action scenes. We even got a montage.

Jason: Pros; the visuals and the action, incredible. They wreak havoc in every city you can imagine. Where were the people running to? Every building is just getting crushed and broken,
But, you know, it's all part of the fun. Cause that's what you do in these kinds of movies. Cons; definitely, agree, the character development could have been better. The storyline is straightforward.

Paul: Idris Elba's Pentecost character. I forgot his first name, but John Boyega is his son.

Jason: He did a great job. He's using his proper British accent. I always liked his acting ever since I saw him in 'Attack the Block'. Fantastic movie.

Paul: He's a charismatic bad boy in this one.

Jason: Scott Eastwood was very good as well right?

Paul: Yeah.

Jason: He has many expressions just like his father. The way he delivers his lines, the way he pauses, the way he looks at people. The wrinkles, creases in his eyes. It's really cool to see that.
The most significant character in the movie, of course, is this mad scientist. He reminded me of Igor from Frankenstein. He had this great accent and a fake limp with a cane. He was perfect.

Paul: Yeah, I forgot the character's name in the movie. I know the actor's name is Burn Gorman. Talk about overcommitted. We were just laughing at this guy. He was intense.
The last thing I expected was Charlie Day being the main villain. That was a pleasant surprise. Let's score this now. On a scale of one to ten, what's your review for Pacific Rim Uprising? I want to hear yours first, and I'll give you mine.

Jason: Okay, I give it a 7.5. I liked these kinds of movies. I've grown up with Godzilla and Ultraman. Especially seeing it with my boy Paul because he loves this style of film as well. It's such a trip seeing it with you man.

Paul: Yeah. I'm the same with you like I've grown up with Voltron and Transformers. Loving big robots, fighting monsters. I'm gonna go with a 7 on this one. I really had a good time seeing it with you. I like this universe. If there's a sequel, I'd see it. Unless it's like absolutely terrible. I hope the Boyega and Eastwood return. I think that's a good look, you know.

Jason: Definitely. And, you know, Guillermo del Toro had a hand in this.

Paul: 100%. Boyega even produced this movie.

Jason: This movie is made by Legendary. So, hopefully, they'll make their money back. I think it's gonna play well around the world.

Paul: A lot of significant Chinese influence in this movie.

Jason: Legendary is making all the newer Godzilla and Kong movies. They will be making King Kong versus Godzilla and then King of the Monsters. So, all of these are all gonna be great!
We saw people in the theater who are huge fans of these kinds of films. One guy had to go to the bathroom. He ran out and back as quick as he could, so he didn't miss anything. It's great to see loyal people come out and watch it with them.

Paul: I like these movies more than the Transformers(movie) series.

Jason: Right.

Paul: That's the end of this episode. Thanks for listening. Have you seen Pacific Rim Uprising? Thoughts, comments? Please do so below. Jason, thank you for showing up. We have a lot more to see. This is the Improve and Have Fun podcast, and we are out.

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