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Black Panther, Altered Carbon REVIEW, MixTAPE, and more!


In this episode I review Marvel's Black Panter, Netflix's Altered Carbon season 1.    I also discuss changing my mind on Minimalism and finally I present you with some new tunes for the month. 

Black Panther Review-Spoilers.

At the time of this writing(a week after the movie's release), Black Panther has made more money in one week than Justice League has in its entire theatrical run.   More than Star Wars the Last Jedi has in it's the first week of release. To date, it made over half a billion dollars at the box office worldwide.

This movie similar to Wonder Woman is a societal event.   Where director Patty Jenkins' film speaks to women, this movie does the same for the African American community.   But it's not only a particular gender or race that's coming out to see these movies. Everyone is.

I found the movie to be one of the most contemporary Marvel movies to date. Especially with the soundtrack(curated by Kendrick Lamar)and Micheal B. Jordan having a real inner-city swag.   This spoke to me as hip-hop culture has been a massive influence in my life.

I found the movie to be graceful and strong.   Especially the interactions between T'challa and his father.   It even got me a little emotional at times.

My complaints with the film; the final fight between Kill Monger and Black Panther on the train track.   Very CG heavy, and not fulfilling. Also, after Micheal B. Jordan is stabbed, he gives up. He was a resilient bad-ass throughout the film.   I expected he would continue fighting until the very end.

I love how some of the more recent Marvel movies have had an extra unique flavor.   Such as Doctor Strange, Thor Ragnarok, Logan, and now Black Panther. More superhero movies of this caliber?  Yes, please.

See Black Panther here:

Netflix’s Altered Carbon Review-Spoilers.

Watching the first two episodes of this show, admittedly I was bored.

I follow Netflix on Instagram.    They posted an image from the show asking for viewers thoughts.   I remember Gary Vee saying in an interview with Lewis Howes, to get involved with the conversation and comment on things that interest you.

I commented on the post stating my feelings.   Someone replied 'stick with it; it gets better.'   Seven episodes in I was hooked. The show is visually amazing.   My favorite character is the A.I.-Poe who runs the Raven hotel. He's very charming in an innocent, mischevious way.   Joel Kinnaman is hit or miss for me. He's great in House of Cards, but forgettable in the Robocop remake. He's ok here.

The show follows a standard detective noir premise with a futuristic sci-fi twist.    The chain-smoking private eye sleeps with the client's wife. She is involved in some way in the client's murder.   

Where I found the show especially interesting was how people continued their existence by living in different 'sleeves.' This was done through a chip located on the backs of their necks which held their 'soul.'   The more well-to-do characters would regularly backup their essence similar to copying and storing files on our computers today. I can see this happening in real life, but not within my lifetime.

I found Takeshi Kovacs(the main character)backstory to be muddled.   It seemed in the first episode he had special abilities to see through walls and notice the protectorate soldiers.   But this wasn't brought up again. Or when he went from his first sleeve as actor Will Yun Lee to the next as actor Byron Mann.   I found his love interest Martha Higerada(who played Ortega)to be very sexy. Her robot arm replacement she acquires later in the show was very cool.   Speaking of beautiful women, the actress who plays Miriam Bancroft(Kristin Lehman) is gorgeous.

Kovacs sister Rei being the main antagonist was fantastic, Mr. Leung, her right hand was the most hated villain in the show(for me).   His death, in the end, may not have been as satisfying, but his pleading for his life was.

The Elliotts' storyline was tumultuous but confusing.   I enjoyed how the daughter, Lizzie became a badass. I didn't understand how she transformed the sleeve she inhabited near the end, to look like her.   I'm not saying I need everything explained, but it helps.

The show ends with Kovacs beginning the search for his mentor/lover Quell Falconer who was thought to be dead.   Quell was solid but I didn't find their romance believable. I liked Joel Kinnaman returning his sleeve in the end.    
It opens up to the main character being played by another actor in the next season.

It isn't perfect, but Altered Carbon was entertaining.

Read the book Altered Carbon was based on here: 

DJ Mix

1. 'Panic Room' - Au/Ra
2. 'Say Something' - Justin Timberlake
3. 'Heart Attack' - Tune-Yards
4. 'Kites' -N.E.R.D.
5. 'King's Dead' - Jay Rock
6. 'Man Down' - Shakka
7. 'Pine & Ginger' - Amindi K. Fro$t
8. 'Oh Yeah' - Vybz Kartel
9. 'Nothing Wild' - Mr. Vegas
10. 'Everything Ah Work' - Mr. Vegas
11. 'Follow da Leadah' - Mr. Vegas

James Altucher
James Altucher Interview of Yuval Harari
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