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Re-read Your Favorite Books as Opposed to Reading New Books, Pen 15 Review, Devil's Attorney Game Review

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In this episode I discuss...

-Re-reading your favorite books over again as opposed to reading new books.

-I review Hulu's original series 'Pen 15.'

-Finally I review Devil's Attorney for the IOS(Apple devices).

Re-Read Your Favorite Books as Opposed to Reading New Books.

On this particular episode of the James Altucher show, he said he re-reads books which interest him multiple times.   Books which bore him he will stop, even if he's 500 pages in.  Mr. Altucher gains new and different insights in this process, which help him write his blog and books.

This was inspiring, as I've found myself doing the same.   Moreso with audiobooks than actual books. I've listened to several twice, three times.    I would listen to the audiobook and buy the Kindle version and highlight parts which grab me.

The notion of dropping uninteresting reads is liberating.    Until recently, this was a sin, as I felt obligated to finish what I've started.   The 'True Secrets of Writing' by Natalie Goldberg was the first book to suffer this fate.    I love the way it started, especially when she's talking about practice.    But when she goes into putting a retreat together,  I checked out.   FOMO might creep in, but there are too many other great books to read.

Now, I'm considering blowing up my 'Biggest Takeaways' format, which I've had on this podcast in the past.    Where I'd list five quotes, I've highlighted that resonated with me.   Writing an article based on an idea a book has given me, relating it to my personal life and how I'd like to apply it moving forward, that's right up my alley.

This re-invigorates my excitement in reading.    I am building my library to always refer back to when I'm stuck in a creative writing rut, very cool.

YouTube version.

James Altucher Podcast which inspired this post.

Spoiler Free Review of Hulu's 'Pen 15'

One night on my way home from work, I saw an advertisement for Pen 15 glaring across a massive screen in Times Square. 'Adults playing teenagers?    That might be funny' ran across my mind.  This show is a Hulu original, exclusive to the streaming channel.

Spotify recently announced a partnership with Hulu, in which if you pay a premium subscription to the music service, Spotify will include the ad-supported version of Hulu at no extra charge.     I uploaded the Hulu app to the TV, and this was the first program I'd come to watch.

A weird thing happened, when I logged into the Hulu account on the TV it was a completely different profile from mine.     An Isabelle's and Peter's accounts.    Their accounts had the 'ad-free experience,' which was great.    

Here's why I enjoyed this show so much.

-The style of deprecating, sincere humor which Pen 15 weaves with teen issues such as masturbation, online chat rooms, middle school, first kisses had me laughing out loud multiple times.    

-The main actresses and creators of this series do a great job of looking like their 13 years old.    Especially Maya Erskine(the lead).    She seems to be the same height as many of the adolescents on the show.   Mrs. Erskine and Anna Noble(the other lead) act like kids when playing to the other child and adult actors.    Wide camera shots catch their awkwardness and odd movements many of us had at that age.    They disappear into these characters which seem to be caricatures of their childhood.

-This is a Lonely Island production.    I didn't know they have a production arm that didn't involve their direct creative work. I'm a big fan of their albums.

-This show never dragged.     I liked the 28 minute run time per episode.   Ten episodes, very similar to GLOW on Netflix. I include Pen 15 into the female-led comedies I've watched over the last three years which I've most enjoyed.    The other two are CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the aforementioned GLOW.   That being said, this show and Netflix's Sex Education are the best TV-teen comedies I've watched, so far, this year.

-After the credits rolled on the final episode, I enthusiastically headed to YouTube to seek out interviews with the creators of the show(the 2 leads).

-Maya Erskine said on several interviews that her Mom is the same woman on the show.   Also, her brother edits the series.   A family affair.   

-When I enjoy a show, it makes me want to find other great programs on that channel and not necessarily comedy.   Anything you might recommend on Hulu?     Please let me know.

Pen 15 trailer

Here's the Youtube version of my review.

Sex Education on Netflix(YouTube trailer)

GLOW on Netflix(YouTube trailer) 

Hear my review of season 2 of GLOW here. 

'My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' on the CW(YouTube trailer)

Devil's Attorney IOS game review

I like gaming.    I've been playing video games since I was a child.   The Atari 2600 was the first system I played alongside the handheld LCD games of the 80s.     As basic as they were, they were a blast to play.
I've owned or had experiences on most of the major gaming systems since that time.    Within the last few years, I've felt guilty about the time suck playing video games can be.     With all the recent studies about sitting not being so great for your health, can gaming for extended periods be healthy?     The main reason I've owned a TV lately was for this purpose; otherwise, I wouldn't need one.    My mother's TV started acting up and late last year, and I sent her mine.    It would've been cheaper to buy her a television, but I digress.    The Xbox One I was using was sold shortly thereafter, and I committed to sticking to IOS gaming.  

I've been back and forth with IOS gaming.    I've had some fun times on that platform, but it doesn't compare to playing a console.      However, I do like gaming on the go.    My iPhone is a multi-purpose device, and using it for gaming is just convenient and cheaper than owning a Nintendo handheld.

I purchased Devil's Attorney as a recommendation from a website the year the game was released.    Either Pocket Gamer or Touch Arcade.   I played it, finished it and highly enjoyed it back then.   I revisited this game recently.    It still was so much fun.   I completed it again and played it through to the end a couple more times after.  

It's a turn-based courtroom comedy where each court case win earns you money.   You use that money to furnish your apartment, which gains you special abilities you can use in the courtroom.   A single playthrough start- to-finish does not earn all the available skills.    

This gave me the incentive to play through the game again and see what I can earn.    

Great fun.    I didn't find it overly complicated either.    I was forced to use different tactics to win cases on the second and third go round.    Great game, recommended.

Find a full description of Devil's Attorney here.

This is my 2nd game review.    I will leave a link for my first game review in the show notes.


Devil's Attorney game trailer

Here's the YouTube version of my review.

Here's my first game review of Dead Rising 2

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