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Publishing My Own Content.

Over the last 2-3 years, I've listened to podcasts, watched Youtube videos talking about monetizing one's content.   I couldn't wrap my brain around how I can do this?

One recent morning, it came to me.   I can make books on all this stuff I'm putting out.   I'll compile all the weird stories, biggest takeaways into ebooks, audiobooks, and print.   

A perfect example of lessons learned from failure.   The frustration, time, money spent on Kindle Publishing taught me how to put a book together, rewriting articles, checking for plagiarism, getting covers done, virtual assistants and so on.    

It's funny; I seem to have a cycle.   During the winter season, I tend to get back into Kindle Publishing in some way.   I've written it off before.   Vowed never to go back.   How will it be different this time?

Previously I'd written that I would be putting more of an emphasis on blogging.   Written content I thought I could later turn into book content.    While doing research, I was reminded that Amazon/Kindle would not allow one to upload and try to sell material that is already online.

This discovery made me change up my content strategy.   There will be a massive emphasis on writing.   I will use that written material as scripts for my podcast.   Then, in turn, use that written material as pages for my books.   The Kindle plagiarism check doesn't scrutinize audio(not yet anyway).

Reading Joe Pulizzi's Content Inc. book, he talks about no one wanting to hear your thoughts initially as your building your brand.   Nobody knows you yet; they don't care.    They just want an answer to a problem or to be entertained.   I would go on and on about myself in the podcast.   Moving forward, this material will be the blog stuff(this post included).   

I will include a picture of my content strategy in this post.

Everything is content.   I'd like to find a balance between using everything I consume(TV, music, books, the web)and just enjoying it.    One can never run out of content this way.    My material comes from my spin on whatever it is I'm listening to/watching/reading.   That's what makes it unique, my point of view.   Like a movie review with my thoughts as an example.   You can do the same. 

A notepad and pen or the Notes app on the various Apple devices are always by my side to capture ideas, quotes, thoughts.   
Next, it's writing an article straight out or dictating my thoughts through the Voice Memos app.   Afterwards, I send that recorded audio to a transcription service like   The transcript comes back, I edit that and turn it into an article.   

My goal is to make each book 10,000 words or more.   Book writing is new to me.   This will take a while, especially with the first book.   It should become more straightforward as the process is repeated, like anything else.

This will be(hopefully)a third way to make money.   Work is #1, Ebay #2, Self Publishing #3(fingers crossed).

Will self-publishing work this time?   

The only failure is in not trying.   I heard Chris Jericho say that in an interview with Jim Ross.

Why is making money more than one way significant? 

In this day and age, we should all have more than one way to make money.

Email lists and coaching do not interest me, but I am aware of the importance of an email list.    If you are a blogger, podcaster, how are you making money from your content?   Please comment below.


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