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  On this blog, I dig into my hobbies and document my life and interests.   Thanks for spending time with me. Scroll down for the latest content.   WELCOME!   
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M3GAN is Predictive Programming. MOVIE REVIEW

Listen to the podcast here.   YouTube version I watched the new Blumhouse horror movie Megan and found it eye-opening.   Conspiracy theorists talk about how movies can be predictive programming, and I felt the same after leaving the theater.  I see a future where we all use technology similar to Megan.   An android or robot that monitors you, knows what you like, can tell you what you want to hear, and gently discipline you.   Gives updates on your health and sells goods marketed explicitly to you.   How far are we now with virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, or our smartphones and smartwatches? Other movies demonstrate a similar type of technology, like 'Blade Runner 2049' with Joi, 'Her' with Joaquin Phoenix, and his device 'Samantha.'   Something closer to the Megan doll is a UK sci-fi show called 'Humans' where 'Synths' live alongside human beings.   They cook, clean, and shop for groceries; humans have sex with them.    Cady(the young girl

Midnight Fight Express-REVIEW-This game is an Action Movie!

Audio podcast Video version Happy New Year to you!   This is the first post of 2023. I just finished Midnight Fight Express and had a great time with it. I played it at home after work for 30-60 minute sessions.   I didn't follow the story as I would listen to podcasts in the background while playing. However, the enjoyment of the presentation and the game, beating up the bad guys(& girls), and unlocking new fight moves kept me going. The game has a New Game plus type mode where after you beat it, you can select levels and replay them with all your new unlocked skills while skipping the cut scenes(if you wish).   Very convenient, and I wish more games would do this.    Another great feature is the easy-to-use photo mode.   The player can pause the game and take a picture of their current progression.   I loved using this feature, especially in Remedy Entertainment's 2019 game Control.   Afterward, sharing these images on my social feeds is fun. (SPOILER)I was satisfied with

I Had The Best Time at Kevin Crown's R.A.S. party-December 2022

Renowned DJ Kevin Crown held his R.A.S. (Reggae Afrobeats Soca)party at HK Hall in NYC on Christmas Eve 2022. My friend Mami ( previous podcast guest )and I are fans of his and dancehall music. Ricky Platinum and several other DJs played great tunes and even called us on stage. We had a blast! I love going to dancehall parties, I do so all year long. This was my final one for 2022. All video shot by Kevin Crown. Watch the video below. YouTube version

Black Panther Shuri-The Deadliest of the Species COMIC BOOK REVIEW

Audio Version YouTube Version Inspired by a Tik Tok user, I read Black Panther Shuri-Deadliest of the Species on Comixology. I posted a short review of the 'Wakanda Forever film on Tik Tok. A viewer tagged user @kingandqueenlion in the comments section of that video.   @kingandqueenlion responded to other fan reviews by going into Shuri's backstory and mentioning this book. In this story, T'challa is mortally wounded while going against Doctor Doom. As a result, his soul goes into limbo and combats Death itself. However, unbeknownst to his wife, Ororo(X-Men's Storm), she refuses to give up and tries to bring him back to life by making a deal with a sorcerer who can't seem to be trusted.  All the while, a powerful ancient enemy Morlun (the central villain from Marvel Comics 2014 Spider-Verse storyline), is resurrected and invades Wakanda.   Shuri has trained to become the Black Panther all her life but is conflicted between her older brother's current state, her

Avatar: The Way of Water Non Spoiler Review

Listen to the podcast/article here: YouTube version Avatar:  The Way of Water was tremendous. Earlier in the week, I rewatched the first movie and was reminded of how fantastic it is. The new film spends plenty of time with the children of Jake Sully and Neytiri(the main protagonists). The viewer can tell that these kids will be the heroes of future sequels. I found them interesting and not annoying. The dynamic between themselves, a human friend character called Spider, growing up, and being thrust into this battle with the Sky people was well done. This movie, like the first, was also engaging and emotional. In 2022, we've received amazing, peak sci-fi content. Some examples are Raised by Wolves on HBO, Andor on Disney +, Prey on Hulu, and Avatar 2. The 2009 film depicts humans finding an alien planet with resources that Earth can mine and use to benefit humanity. In this film, our world is dying, and society is looking to inhabit Pandora as our next homeworld. Where the film got

2022 Favorites-February-May

Check out this episode! Earlier this year(2022), I made a video/podcast in January about my favorite month's content. Here's my follow-up: my favorites from February to May. This list consists of movies, TV shows, video games, and comics. To be included, I had to finish this content from beginning to end.  Unfortunately, nothing stood out during this time when it came to comics, and I dabbled in many games but did not complete any.    February February was all about the TV shows. Starting with Korean zombie horror, 'All of Us Are Dead,' on Netflix. Recently my mom told me she's all about the overseas content on Netflix, especially the Korean stuff. With this series, I can see why and it didn't disappoint. Teens trapped in a high school during a zombie outbreak and CW-level drama between the characters amidst the carnage, I'm in! The next show was Prime Video's 'Reacher.' I never got into the Tom Cruise Reacher movies. But this series was fun. A

NOW PLAYING-Midnight Fight Express on the XBOX-VIDEO

Check out this episode! Here's my latest video game video.   Playing Midnight Fight Express on the Xbox Series S.    This game is currently available on Game Pass.   Find out more about this brawler here.   Here's my last video game video playing Overcooked 2.   Thoughts? Comments? Do so below. Rate, like, leave a review! I will shout you out for sure! If you've enjoyed this episode, please support this podcast by doing any, all your shopping through my affiliate link: AMAZON: or DONATE/TIP here SUBSCRIBE Everywhere HERE   YouTube version