Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Weird Stories Buffet Vol 1


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This is my first compilation of older episodes.   These are older weird stories I've collected.   Enjoy!   Links to all stories below.

1.Demon Possessed Students at St. Elizabeth School

2.98 Year Old Yogi Shares Her Mantra 

3.Rat Hamburgers Served in Russia 

4.Cryogenics Pioneer says First Man Frozen will be Brought Back 

5.Save Money with the Poo Challenge 

6.Jilted Woman Cuts Off Man’s Penis 

7.Miracle Twins Kept Alive by Holding Hands in Womb 

8.Tinder for Orangutans 

9.Social Media Making People Anti Social and Jealous 

10.Combining Drugs Can Eliminate HIV 

11.100 Best Places to Live in the USA (January 2017) 

12.Britain’s Oldest DJ 

13.Cockroach Found Inside Woman’s Head 

14.Day Care Worker Breast Feeds Another Mother’s Son 

15.Rattlesnakes Invade Home 

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