Thursday, January 3, 2019

41 Lessons Learned in 2018

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These are 41 lessons I learned throughout 2018. 

Some of the podcast sources(with links)are:

The Mindset and Motivation podcast
The James Altucher Show
The Front Row Factor podcast with Jon Vroman
The Robin Sharma Mastery Lessons
The Marie Forleo podcast
The Smart Passive Income podcast with Pat Flynn
The Jordan Harbinger Show
Freedom Main Radio with Stefan Molyneaux
School Of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Dating Women Podcast with Doc Love
The School Of Podcasting with Dave Jackson
The Tim Ferriss Show
Video Creators podcast with Tim Schmoyer
Scavenger Life podcast with Jay and Ryanne
Porn Free Radio with Matt Dobschuetz


You can find the rest of my biggest takeaways for these books here:

Compound Effect
Start With Why
Content Inc

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