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41 Lessons Learned in 2018

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These are lessons I learned throughout 2018 through reading/listening to books, through podcasts or through reading James Altucher's blog.

If I were listening to a  podcast or audiobook, I'd stop, open up the 'notes' app on the iPhone and type that particular idea or quote.    If the quote was from a book I'd highlight it right then and there.

I wanted to document this so I can look back and not forget these teachings.

Some of the podcast sources(with links)are:

The Mindset and Motivation podcast
The James Altucher Show
The Front Row Factor podcast with Jon Vroman
The Robin Sharma Mastery Lessons
The Marie Forleo podcast
The Smart Passive Income podcast with Pat Flynn
The Jordan Harbinger Show
Freedom Main Radio with Stefan Molyneaux
School Of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Dating Women Podcast with Doc Love
The School Of Podcasting with Dave Jackson
The Tim Ferriss Show
Video Creators podcast with Tim Schmoyer
Scavenger Life podcast with Jay and Ryanne
Porn Free Radio with Matt Dobschuetz

Other times I've deduced some of these lessons on my own as an amalgamation of things, I've read, listened to, or through therapy.

I've listed the areas specific to the lessons and what I've learned.

Creating and Documenting(4 lessons).
-60% of my creativity is born from writing.    Journaling is the #1 activity.
-Stories are how humans have related to each other for ages.   The story formula;
        a. A character wants something.
        b. Goes through conflict to get it.
        c. Is transformed through the process.
This method is great for articles and YouTube videos.        
-The process of creating is art.     Document the process.
-Sleep, play, movement brings forth new ideas.

Regarding Oneself & Reflection(11 lessons).
-How you treat others is how you treat yourself(inner dialogue). 
-If a person you know has an annoying trait, you may have the same.    That's how you recognize it.
-Talking out loud in public is acceptable now with our smartphones and Bluetooth headphones.    It's a great tactic to say how you are feeling out loud.    This can be a release.
-Don't feel guilty about trying new things and dropping them.    This is how we find new activities that we love.
-Perfectionism is self-destruction.
-Listen first and speak last.   You have the benefit of gaining more relevant info this way when it's your turn to speak.
-Love plus persistence equals abundance.
-Honor your strengths.    Accept you beautifully lop-sided self.    Well rounded can be a crutch.
-All addiction is a response to pain.
-Confidence is created through repeated action.
-Ego gets in the way of happiness.

Being Present Now(3 lessons).
-Bring your focus to right now.   The past has passed, and the future hasn't come yet.
-Stop with the 'back in the day was the best.'   The present time that we live in is so much better.   We are so much more advanced than we've ever been.   There are better resources now to do anything your heart desires.   Right now is great.
-Don't mortgage your happiness for later.    Be happy now.

Humanity(3 lessons).
-We as human beings commune with each other.   We are tribal; It's our nature.   We will look for others like ourselves.   
-The brain is meant to protect you.    It will keep you safe and in your comfort zone.    It will not place you in uncomfortable situations where you can grow.
-People are their happiest when they are free not controlled.

Work & Routines(4 lessons).
-Having a job gives purpose and routine.    This can be life-giving.    They are not evil.
-Routines complete projects and/or continue positively reinforced maintenance.
-Having a job allows you to create freely.    It pays the bills while you can explore and experiment.    If the venture doesn't work, you can throw it away and start again.     That's ok.    You don't have to compromise your creativity to eat.
-Getting a job doesn't mean quitting your dreams.

Failure(5 lessons).
-Video games have reinforced in me that progressing, failing and finding another way around an obstacle is the perfect metaphor for life when failing.    Like Ryan Holiday says the 'Obstacle is the Way.'   That's where growth happens.
-You won't have the same success as a role model.   You are not wired the same.    You can have your version of success.   Compete with yourself.
-If something or someone rejects you, be happy!    It wasn't going to be a good fit, to begin with.    
-Your sale skills improve with each rejection.
-It's ok to feel down when getting rejected.    You are human.

Side Money(1 lesson).
-When it comes to eBay, don't throw away most items, list it for sale.

Sex(1 lesson).
-When it comes to masturbation, it is better to use a Fleshlight as opposed to using your hand.   You are ruining the sensitivity of your penis when it comes time for actual sex with someone else.   Erectile dysfunction can occur.

The final lessons are quotes from books I've read this past year.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy(3 lessons).

-Page 60.   'Uprooting bad habits that have grown into mighty oaks is going to be arduous and difficult; to see the process through will require something greater than even the most relentless determination-willpower alone won't cut it.'

-Page 135.   This was a quote from John Wooden in the book. 'Mentoring is the true legacy.   It is the greatest inheritance you can give to others.   And it should never end.   It is why you get up every day.   To teach and be taught.'

-Page 140.   'Identify the influence the input of media and information is having on your life.   Determine what input you need to protect your mind from and how you are going to keep your mind regularly flushed with positive, uplifting, and supportive input.'

Start With Why by Simon Sinek(1 lesson).

-Page 41.   'The example starts to prove that people don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.'

Fearvana by Ashkay Nanavati(3 lessons).

-Page 63.   'I learned to shift my mental patterns to loving myself, forgiving myself, and allowing myself to focus on making progress, instead of reaching the perfection of a destination.'

-Page 151.   'We live in a world always trying to make our lives easier, but if you want success and meaning in your life, don't avoid struggle. Welcome it. Seek it out every day.'

-Page 84.   "The words that we attach to our experience become our experience, regardless of whether it's objectively accurate or not' states Tony Robbins."  

Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi(2 lessons).

-Page 18.   'The key here is that you don't have to be the New York Times or the leading trade magazine in your industry to get people to engage with your content. Readers are open to receiving and engaging in any content that will help them live better lives, get better jobs, or solve a particular task. The point: You have as much opportunity to deliver amazingly helpful content as anyone.'

-Page 205.   'For all for of my books, including this one, a lot of material, ideas, and content originated from existing blog posts. If you have six months of blogs, you might already have half a book. Now writing a book is not an easy endeavor, but you may have a lot of the raw content already at your disposal to develop a book.' 

Have any of these lessons resonated with you?   Let me know.   Please comment below.


You can find the rest of my biggest takeaways for these books here:

Compound Effect
Start With Why
Content Inc

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