About Me

Through this blog I document my life and interests as I improve myself and have fun along the way, with the hopes of encouraging you to do the same.

How am I improving myself you might ask?    

-Reading books of interest and putting those lessons to use.
-Improving my writing, editing skills.
-Improving my video editing, music production skills.
-Strengthening my podcasting skills.
-Developing my interviewing abilities.
-Further developing my dance and art skills.

..and so on.

I'm not the smartest guy.   Just someone who saw social influencers doing something similar, thought that was cool, and attempted to go down that path.     But what I've discovered is the wonderful expression and creativity which can come from these podcasting, blogging, video platforms.

In the end I see all of this as a digital photo album of my life that I hope has helped, entertained, or enlightened people.    I'm so grateful to friends and family who have participated and helped me along this journey.

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