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I believe, anything you'd like to do/get better at requires repeated action.   Small wins and failures, learning from there, and continuing on that path leads to improvement.   Why not make it fun along the way by doing the thing that you enjoy.   By using your god-given talent.   That thing that comes easy for you, but difficult for everyone else.

Gary Vanyerchuk brought the idea of 'Document Vs. Create' to the forefront.   I say do both!   Be creative and document your life, discuss your opinions on content which you have consumed.   Talk about your life and how you see the world.   There is a very likely chance that someone else shares your same vision.

On this blog I collect all the content that I'm distributing as I have several interests.

I discuss self improvement, I review TV shows and movies.   I put together DJ mixes.   Weird, but true, stories are discussed.   I also talk about my biggest takeaways from books/podcasts/videos I've read/listened to/watched.   Finally I document my life openly.

On my YouTube channel you can find my vlogs, dance, and art videos as well.

Life is too short, do what you love!   

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