Thursday, January 10, 2019

8 Goals for 2019 + 10 Continuing Habits

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8 Goals for 2019

1. Work on Bad Habits.
A. Watching, masturbating to porn.
B. Going off my vegan diet regularly(Sometimes/irregularly it's        ok.    Cholesterol is needed).
C. Having unsafe sex.
D. Consuming more, creating less.

2. Continue Therapy.

3. Continue Seeing Sex Workers Safely but be Open To Dating.

4. Travel to Two Places.    Arizona Definitely.

5. Publish a Journal.    10,000 words.

6. Continue Saving  Cash and Investing in Stocks Weekly.   7% or of your pay or less.

7. Fast More often Over 24 Hours.

8. Get Outside, Vlog and Document More Often.   Use Story Format for your Videos.

Continuing Habits

1. Vegan, Gluten Free, Oil Free Diet.   It's Expected I Will have Meat & Dairy Every Once In a While.

2. Sleep 6-8 Hours Per Day.

3. Look Forward to Failure, Rejection, Uncomfortable Situations.    This is Where You Learn & Grow.

4. Continue Reading a Book, Listening to a Book, Reading a 
Comic Book.

5. Writing Is the Number One Activity.

6. Continue Yoga, Exercise and Dancing.

7. Contact Family and Friends Weekly.

8. Improve your Posture.

9. Continue Daily Happiness Routine-15 Steps-As Much As you Can.

10. Stay Consistent with Your 5 Focus Areas of 2019.
A. Podcast
B. Drawing
C. eBay
D. Video
E. Journal Publishing


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