Friday, November 8, 2019

Terminator: Dark Fate REVIEW-SPOILERS

Terminator: Dark Fate is an intense action thriller.   But if you've seen one Terminator movie you've seen them all.   The outliers in this franchise being the first Terminator film having a horror vibe and Terminator Salvation, which reverses the roles(for a time)between the machine(played by Sam Worthington)and the human resistance(led by John Connor). 

Dark Fate includes ideas from past films.   Such as:
 -Rev-9(the main antagonist)having a liquid form, and the ability to make spears from his body.     
-Grace(played by Mackenzie Davis)is an augmented human; I felt was inspired by the human-Terminator combo from Salvation.    
-Arnold being the sympathetic figure coming to the aid of the resistance.   
-Strong female roles played by Linda Hamilton and actress Natalia Reyes.

Sarah Connor does elevate the film.   The character's portrayal(I feel)is appropriate to how she'd react living through the experiences of the first two films as Dark Fate takes place after T2.

My biggest issue here is Arnold, who plays a T-800 Terminator model named Carl.    His back story made me scratch my head.    

-The T-800 raising a family in a non-physical relationship with the spouse.   In all the time, the family has been together, didn't the mother or son have any doubts, concerns about Carl's behavior or actions?   Even if he was the perfect father, wouldn't that raise questions?

-Arnold humor.   Some of the comedy beats fell flat.   Terminator comedy works when he's playing it straight and not trying to be funny.

-Future intel.   Carl texted Sarah Connor future instances of Terminators appearing in the current timeline.    She would then stop them.    By film's end, Carl is finished.    This leads me to believe that more robots are coming after these ladies.   How are Sarah and Dani(played by Natalia Reyes)going to handle another Rev-9 showing up?   If they had this much trouble with one here.

I enjoyed this film, the performances, and special effects were great, but unfortunately, this one's more of a cable/streaming/vod watch and not a must-see in theaters.    

Time to do something completely different with this franchise?   Maybe.

Here I have the T-800 versus Arnold from Terminator 2.    Behind them is the Nela Level 6 Extreme Set.   Action figure fun.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

My Interview of dancer, choreographer Bling Evo.


Bling Evo is a dancer, choreographer, lecturer I've known for some time.    A person who has always treated me warmly and with respect.

In this episode we delve into this remarkable dancer's past, present and future.   Also his current DH Evolution 876 course, which is much more than another dance class.

You can find out more about DH Evolution 876 by emailing or follow the Instagram account here 

Find out more about Bling Evo himself(you can contact him here as well)on his Instagram account 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Pictures from Halloween NYC 2019

These are pictures I took in Union Square during the  Halloween parade(in NYC).   I love how willing people are to be photographed.   Thank you strangers!   I appreciate you all for posing for my camera.  

Friday, November 1, 2019

El Camino Spoiler Review + Artwork

Count me in as a fan of Breaking Bad.   I enjoyed the series immensely and was excited to revisit this world.   But what we get with the here, El Camino is fun but not necessary.   

El Camino takes place right after the series finale.    It's great seeing all the cameos of returning characters such as Mike, Badger, Skinny, Jane, and Walter White.   The late Mr. Robert Forster as Ed, the fixer, and his interactions with Jesse were a standout for me.   Others were with Todd (played by Jesse Plemmons), who is weird and creepy in his unique way.    There were times I thought he was going to rape Jesse.    The main antagonist Neil, played by Scott Macarthur, is great at being a dick.    I first saw him in HBO's Righteous Gemstones, where he was an entertaining villain.

Aaron Paul, as Mr. Pinkman, does a great job here relaying the trauma he's dealt with over the last five seasons of the show.   Having lost multiple girlfriends, his abduction and being held prisoner breaks him in ways which he demonstrates in this movie.    There are moments when he has supreme confidence.   Where he isn't easily fazed and feels like a seasoned criminal.   Then other times where he doesn't want to deal with the world, he's long been associated with and wants to curl up into a ball.

This Netflix exclusive felt like a series of events which, in the end, gives Jesse a happier ending than the series finale.   If you saw Breaking Bad,  maybe still watching Better Call Saul, and you still want more, then this is for you.

El Camino inspired me to draw this piece.    It's from a scene in the third act.    This design is for sale in my Teepublic store, which you can visit by here.    

Thanks for reading.    Thoughts?   Comments?    Do so below.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

My interview of DJ Gringo


DJ Gringo is one of my favorite selectors.   When I attend one of his parties, I know I'm in for a good time.   It was a pleasure to sit down and get to know this man, listen to his his story and accomplishments.

Currently, he runs two regular, weekly parties.   Sunday nights at Bar 13 in Union Square(NYC)and Tuesdays at Kinfolk in Williamsburg(Brooklyn).

Also, he has a long running Reggae/Dancheall radio show on Sirius XM, The Joint 42.   You can tune in Sundays from 1p-7p.

You can find more information on DJ Gringo, on Instagram, here

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Zombieland Double Tap SPOILER REVIEW


Is this movie one of my favorites of the year?   What did Jason G think?   Here's our spoiler review of Zombieland Double Tap.

This is the movie Jason was talking about Freaks of Nature(2015/affiliate link) the time of this recording, I found it free on Crackle(with ads).

Thoughts? Comments? Do so below.

Monday, October 21, 2019

New York City Comic Con 2019 pictures

I did this a few years where I would walk around the outside of the Jacob Javits Center(in New York City), while Comic Con was taking place.    Watching attendees in their cosplay outfits is fun.    They are kindly willing to be photographed.   Here are some of those pictures.


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Pics from the Major League Wrestling show from July 2019

I'm grateful to any event which I attend and allows pictures to be taken.   This is my 2nd MLW event at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens.   I've had a great time at both.   Here are photos of the wrestlers doing their thing.

Find out more on their website at 

Enjoy!   Thoughts, comments, do so below.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Gemini Man Quick Review plus ARTWORk-SPOILERS

Gemini man is a fun action thriller.  Director Ang Lee shot this film at 120 frames per second.   The screening I would come to see was in 60 frames per second in IMAX 3D, and It looks incredible.    The backgrounds look painted.    Will Smith's younger version of himself did not look out of place amongst the other actors.    The visuals were sharp and smooth at the same time.    During the action scenes, the blending of CGI and reality was seamless.    This film has some impressive action scenes.   The stand out being the motorcycle sequence

This isn't a story we haven't seen before.   In a nutshell, a soldier serves his country dutifully for years, now wants to retire, but knows too much and must be erased.   In Gemini Man, this basic premise was handled well. 

A few spoiler notes; I don't disagree with Clive Owen's reasoning for creating clones, but couldn't he of used robots instead?   Also, I liked that Will Smith's Henry(who is presented as a no-nonsense killer)was forgiving and showed mercy to Junior(young Will Smith) and his handler Del who initially sets him up.

Gemini Man(like Rambo: Last Blood)makes for an exceptional cable/streaming watch.  But for the 3D, HFR(High Frame Rate)experience, see it in theaters.

In honor of the film I drew this piece.   It is for sale in my Teepublic store which you can find here.

Monday, October 14, 2019

October 2019 Mixtape


Another mixtape of some of my favorite current songs.    Several genres in this mix.    There are also some inspirational quotes from movies and motivational speakers sprinkled in.    Here's the track listing:

 Dancehall vibes
  1. Vybz Kartel ‘Drone Dem’
  2. Govanna ‘Cups Up’
  3. Vybz Kartel ‘One Way’
  4. Mavado ‘Keep Going Up’
  5. Point Zero ‘AC’
  6. Vybz Kartel ‘Pandora 19’
  7. Gage ‘Something Bout Yuh’
  8. Gage ‘Good Pussy Gyal’
  9. GBM Nutron ‘Practice’
  10. Yoda quote from Star Wars: The Last Jedi
R&B & Trap tunes
  1. Ruel ‘Face to Face’
  2. Lucky Daye ‘Real Games’
  3. Big Boi ‘Intentions’
  4. Raphael Saadiq ‘So Ready’
  5. Black Coffee ‘Lalala’
  6. MadeinTYO ’Stop Calling’
  7. BlocBoy JB ‘Mercedes’
  8. Baby Keem ‘France Freestyle’
  9. Jay Park ‘K-TOWN’
  10. Father ‘Handful’
  11. Rocky quote from Rocky Balboa
Rock & Pop
  1. Hobo Johnson ‘Typical Story’
  2. Grandson ‘Oh No!!’
  3. Bulow ‘Own Me’
  4. Hey Violet ‘Close My Eyes’
  5. William Bolton ‘Serendipity’
  6. Cold War Kids ‘Complainer’
  7. Olivia Holt ‘Bad GirlFriend’
  8. Good Day ‘Surfaces’
  9. Jim Rohn quote
Hip Hop
  1. Kamiyah ‘Windows’
  2. Swizz Beatz ‘Cross the Path’
  3. Asap Ferg ‘WAM’
  4. Robin Sharma quote

Enjoyed the mix?   Thoughts? Comments? Do so below.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Joker Movie REView-SPOILERS


On this episode Jason G. and I review Todd Phillips Joker.   Based on the famous DC comics villain from Batman lore.   We both very much enjoyed this film but both felt it wasn't perfect.   Joaquin Phoenix's performance in the film is incredible and undeniable for sure.    Have you seen Joker?   Please post your thoughts, comments, feedback down below.

I was anticipating this movie.   In my excitement, I drew my version of Phoenix's character here.

We shot this right after the review.    Geez, we look tired.    Looking forward to the next movie night with Jason G.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Dancing Outside. Summer 2019.

I've watched dancehall dancers for years. They still inspire me while I attempt to copy their dance moves.  

Original Version.

But watching myself dance, the truth is I don't move like the dancers that I want to emulate.    And I'm slowly coming to accept that.

All due respect to the creators of the dances, this is my expression, my version, my body language.   That might rub people the wrong way; I may be doing the dances incorrectly, I'm sorry.    But I don't apologize for being me or my dance voice.

I enjoy dancing to dancehall.    It's one of my joys in life.

Youtube Version(different music)

Monday, September 23, 2019

Ad Astra, Dark Crystal AOR REVIEWS, Invisalign and More.


On this episode I review Ad Astra, Brad Pitt's latest film.    I also review Netflix's fantasy series Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.    There are spoilers for both, please be forewarned.   

Correcting my teeth.   It's a journey I've recently begun by signing up for Invisalign.    I breakdown what the beginning of this journey has felt like and why I'm doing this.

Finally, writer Mark Waid and artist Peter Krause put together one awesome comic series called Irredeemable.   There were two quotes in the run that really resonated with me and I share that here.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Ad Astra Movie Review (SPOILERS)

Ad Astra is a space drama which I enjoyed but wouldn’t sit through again.  

What I liked; the moon pirates.   Can we get a full feature on that?   Also, the 70’s-80’s sci-fi vibe when Roy Mcbride(Pitt)was on Mars.  Especially when he was in the ‘comfort room.’   The psych evaluation tests which determine if one is fit to serve.   The soundtrack was great as well.  It gave weight to awe-inspiring visuals while in space or during a ship's launch.   Finally, the father-son themes and Pitt not choosing to go down his father's path, which seemed to be the case for a while in the story.

However, I prefer Interstellar and Gravity to Ad Astra if we are comparing similar films.   Space madness is introduced in Interstellar, and it is an element in the narrative here.  It seems the longer you are in space you might become crazy.  Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones characters had shades of that, but it didn’t stop them from trying to achieve their respective missions.

Overall, the film feels long and boring at times.    It can be trimmed.   Good movie, but not great.

Haven't seen Interstellar or Gravity?    See them here.

(These are affiliate links)

Find out more about Ad Astra here.

YouTube Version.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Beginning the Journey of Correcting my Teeth-Invisalign.

September 2019
On September 11, 2019, I began my Invisalign journey.

When I was younger, I wasn’t crazy about getting braces.  The dentist had suggested them multiple times.   

Most of my life, I’ve been shy when it came to girls/women, and I thought having braces would kill my confidence more so.   My best friend in high school had the metal braces, and I remember him sitting behind me in class breathing funny. 

I never found myself attractive to the public, but privately I like the way I look.  Artists and painters brushstrokes are unique.  I consider all of us being the works of a unique illustrator(G-O-D, our sky buddy).  In saying this, having a big nose, going bald in my 20’s, my crooked teeth, I've come to accept.  
July 2019

I learned that one’s teeth shift throughout their life, and as I’ve gotten older, it’s affected my dental health.  My biting myself(inside my mouth) happened often and severely.  Grinding my teeth when I slept, didn’t help either.

This process of correction will take up to 2 1/2 years.  Some teeth will have to be shaved, I was told.  Let’s see how this goes.

Jillionaire's Chicken and Beer Party 2019. Brooklyn, NYC

I've been to this party for the last two years, and it's never disappointed. With these recent party videos, I've been trying to be more intentional in capturing friends and familiar faces.  Why? Because of Micro Don's passing.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  We never know how much time we have left on this planet.

Events like this make me so happy to be alive. To dance amongst friends have the best of times.  Moments like these are what I feel make life worth living.

When it comes to dancing at parties, I admittedly can have an ego.  I want people to follow me, all eyes on me.  When I don't get that I, sometimes, might feel less than.   It's something I'm trying to work through.

I wanted to thank and give credit to DJ Fade, Dutty the French, and the gentleman behind the 15th Parish documentary for shooting this event from their point of view.  Max Glazer for a beautiful speech honoring Micro Don's memory and making us dance.  Jillionaire for continuing to put on this annual summer event.  

Finally, I want to show love to all my friends, acquaintances and familiar faces I see at these functions.   These events are made better because of you.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance REVIEW

I saw the 1982 movie(on Netflix)in preparation for this series and found it lacking, which is weird because the world is so full of substance.    But as this series presents, there was more to be explored.

This Netflix exclusive takes place before the movie, but I preferred Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance to the film.   Fleshing out these characters, the unraveling of the story, the history of the world was wonderful.   However, I admit it didn't grab me until the 2nd episode.

I was surprised at how many times I got emotional watching this.  Specifically, the parent-child relationships.    Reinforcing the power of the human voice evoking emotion, whether it would be in an animated film like 'Up' or a series made with puppets showcased here.

The fantasy world first introduced back in 1982 is more realized in this show.   If you're a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you won't be disappointed.   One of the locales called 'Stone in the Wood' reminded me of the Shire with the homes being inside small hills.

The Skesis are probably the most entertaining, scary, dark characters.    I wouldn't be opposed to having a mini-series focused solely on them. 

I  watched the 'making of' documentary after the series and was amazed at how much work it took to put this production together.    
With most TV series, multiple directors head up different episodes.    Here Louis Letterier leads all ten chapters.   He directed films such as 2008's Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans(2010), and Now You See Me(2013) to name a few.

The voice cast was vast and surprising.   With such actors as Taron Egerton, Lena Headey, Nathalie Emmanuel(both from Game of Thrones), Simon Pegg, Awkwafina and many more.     Check the IMDB page here for the entire voice cast   The puppeteers act out the scene the voice actors come in after to breathe more life into the performance.

One of my favorite series this year.  Fantasy wise(on TV), this is the one for 2019.   

Carnival Row on Amazon Prime was good, this was great.   I want more.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019



Jason G and I saw It Chapter 2.    We both enjoyed it but felt the first film was superior.    

Some of Jason's thoughts(THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW):

-He's read the book and said this movie was too faithful to the book, comparing it to the Watchmen film.    This isn't a good thing.

-Jason enjoyed the ensemble of the adult Losers' club even saying, if there were an Oscar nomination in this category, this would win.

-Stephen King connected universe?    He shares some insights he's learned regarding this story being related to Mr. King's Dark Tower book.

Late night movie review
 My thoughts:

-This film wasn't necessary.    Unless you're a completist and want to discover how the rest of the story plays out.

-Is Pennywise and alien?    This wasn't explained well.

-The movie does drag at points.

We discuss all this and more in this episode.    Please post your comments and feedback below.

It was my birthday on September 8.   Jason got me this great gift.    A book summarizing Quentin Tarantino's films.    Very cool.

A birthday gift from Jason G

Want to read Stephen King's It book?    Do so here.

Haven't seen the first(fantastic)film?    Do so here.

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Friday, September 6, 2019

Terminator Stalks Deathlok-Action Figure Drawing

In this drawing, the T-800 is stalking Deathlok, but he is ready for him.    The figures I used in this piece are the Marvel Legends, Sasquatch BAF, Deathlok figure.    The second is the Neca Terminator, Kenner Tribute, T-800, with the Power Arm.

Time lapsed video of this drawing.

The Alien films inspired the setting.    Those movies often take place in dark, steamy, dirty corridors of a spaceship which has been on a mission for some time.   

The challenge I run into with these pieces is the lighting on the figures.    Its doesn't always fit the mood.    

After loading the photo(of the action figures)into the Procreate app on the Ipad, I tend to freestyle it, pouring out whatever environment comes to me.

With a little planning, I'm sure I can fix this.

Here are affiliate links for both figures.

Thoughts, comments, please do so below.    

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Conversations with Friends

Listen to the Podcast Here:

On this episode, I have a conversation with various friends and co-workers.   

These recordings are another form of photographs.    A record in time which says we were here at this date and had a conversation.    A beautiful way to remember someone, in my opinion.

The first conversation is with Paula.   A co-worker in her twenties who wants to grow into the person she wants to become right now.

The second is with a manager who is moving on from the current job. He shares his excitement and fear of what's to come.

Thirdly, my friend Mami(yes that's her name).   We talk about a member of our small dancehall circle who passed recently passed on. 

Finally, I speak with a friend who is HIV positive.    He talks to me about his life currently and the stigma which comes along with his status.

Thoughts, comments, please do so below.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Irredeemable. Fantastic comic, with Memorable Quotes.

 Irredeemable is a recommended series.   The full run is available now on Comixology Unlimited.    The premise?    The story asks what if Superman became a villain and went to war with the world?    Except writer Mark Waid uses his creations to fill the roles.   Two quotes from this comic made me reflect on my own life.  
-The Eleos in issue 32 

'For if there is anything we learned about is that some never tire of punishing themselves.'

Why are we so critical of ourselves?   Why not realize how much power we have?    Why not reinforce what we focus on, becomes our reality?

Another observation, I've found that if I treat someone poorly, this is how I talk down to myself.

-Modeus in issue 27

'The great and tragic paradox of the human soul,' 'is that while it constantly longs for something better, it cannot help but gravitate towards the familiar.'

Why is it so hard to change?    We know what's best for us, but it requires work that would take us out of our comfort zone.

I, like many, suffer from this.     I wake up in the morning with a full tank of willpower telling myself today is the day to start eating right.    By the end of the day, I'm going back on my word, eating crap, and regretting it later.

Rob Dial said 'to grow, you must do what you don't want to do.'   I.e., get uncomfortable.    Very tough to do.

I'm grateful for these quotes and this excellent series.    If you don't have Comixology Unlimited you can find out more on that here:

Check out Irredeemable here.  This is an affiliate link.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Walshy Fire's Rum and Bass Party. Brooklyn, NY June 2019. Rest in Peace Micro Don.

Great times at Walshy Fire’s Rum and Bass party.    Brooklyn, NY June 2019.    You might see some of your favorite dancers in this video.    This is also the last time I saw Micro Don.     He’s in this video and you can see him smiling and having a wonderful time.    He pops up in at 1:24 and 2:15. Rest in peace Mr. Lopez, we miss you.

Find out more about Walshy Fire, his music and his parties.
Here is his Instagram account 

Listen to the Micro Don interview I did on this podcast here

Friday, August 30, 2019

My Interview of Ari Forman


Ari Forman is a fascinating gentleman.    I've seen him for years at parties I'd attend.    He would often have a collared shirt on with a neck scarf or tie.    Sometimes a blazer.    He would hang out at the DJ booth with either, Max Glazer, DJ Gravy, or Micro Don.

Micro Don, a previous podcast guest, passed away recently.    It has given me an urgency to speak with people I see often but don't share many words with.   This motivated me to sit down with Ari.

To my amazement, he's run along many similar circles(party-wise)that I've run in.    That being the party scene in NYC.    He too has been going to hip hop, house, dancehall parties for years.  

Other interesting facts about Ari; he made a sneaker, which was a combination of derivative Nike and Newport signage and was banned from selling the shoes or owning a pair.     He's published 'On the Go' magazine along with graffiti artist Steve Espo and DJ Max Glazer.     Mr. Forman has made and personalized clothing gear for acts such as De La Soul.   Logos for Ruffhouse Records and artwork for Kris Kross.   In this interview, we discuss his past and his party-life in NY. 

Follow Ari on Instagram here

or check out his website here

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. My Biggest Takeaways.

Daily, I try to surround myself with positivity.    That would come from listening to a self-help podcast or audiobook at the beginning of my day. 

Brene Brown's book 'The Gifts Of Imperfection' was the first book a Google search labeled as 'spiritual self-help' I'd read and enjoy.    Afterward, I asked, where can I get more of this?     

An online search helped me discover books in the same vein.   Such as 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior,'' The Celestine Prophecy,' 'Return to Love,' 'Power of Now,' and 'Siddartha.'

What is 'spiritual self-help?'    Self-improvement taught through a spiritual experience lens.

The premise of Siddartha; wanting more in life, working towards that, and living it.   

Here are two of my biggest takeaways from this book.

-'It was the self, the purpose, and essence of which I sought to learn.    I was the self, I wanted to free myself from, which I sought to overcome.    But I was not able to overcome it, could only decieve it, could only flee from it, only hide from it.    Truly, no thing in this world has kept my thoughts thus busy as this my very own self, this mastery of me being alive, of me being one and being separated and isolated from all others, of me being Siddhartha!    And there is no thing in this world I know less about than about me, about Siddhartha.'   Page 478

I've heard before that often we get in the way of ourselves.    We overthink things and give ourselves a hundred reasons to not do something when we should.    Like Ryan Holiday's book title 'The Obstacle is the Way.'   Getting uncomfortable, getting messy, this is where personal growth happens.

-'I have travelled for my amusement.    For what else?   I have gotten to know people and places, I have received kindness and trust, I have found friendship.    Look, my dear, if I had been Kamaswami, I would have traveled back, being annoyed and in a hurry, as soon as I had seen that my purchase had been rendered impossible, and time and money would indeed have been lost.    But like this, I've had a few good days, I've learned, had joy, I've neither harmed myself nor others by annoyance and hastiness.    And if I'll ever return there again, perhaps to buy an upcoming harvest or for whatever purpose it might be, friendly people will receive me in a friendly and happy manner, and I will praise myself for not showing any hurry and displeasure at that time.'   Page 843

Bruce Lee has a quote where he says 'be water.'    I interpret this as being fluid and work on making the best of a situation.    Take the high road.    Always honor your feelings of annoyance, anger, fear.   Don't swallow them, don't live in them.   

I like this style of story which teaches lessons in an understated way.    Siddhartha is recommended.

Have you read this book?    Thoughts, comments below.    You can read/listen to the book by clicking this affiliate link here

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Predator Greets the Terminator

In this photograph, I have the NECA Predator greeting a NECA figure Terminator from T2(Ah-nold Ter-minay-tah).  

I'm often composing toys in action poses for these pictures/photos/artwork.  I thought to go with a lighter vibe on this one.   I put this together by taking a picture on my iPhone, bringing it into the iPad and using the Procreate app to complete the work.   

These are the figure I used:



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Comic Book Recommendation. Prometheus: The Complete Fire and Stone

Since young, I was into the Alien series.   

To date, I've seen all the Alien movies and have mostly enjoyed them.    My least favorites being the entire Alien Vs. Predator series and Alien 3. 

The Predator movie came along in 1987 and was a blast.   

During the 80s Arnold Schwarzeneggar movies were events.    I'd say his 80-90s sci-fi action/thriller films are some of the best of his career(Terminator 1 & 2, Total Recall, Running Man, Predator).    Predator 2 and Predators were fun.    I've avoided The Predator which was released last year due to bad reviews. 

Ridley Scott went into the history of the Aliens universe and introduced the Engineer character.    Prometheus and Alien Covenant weren't perfect, but I did enjoy the world-building that brings together the Aliens, humans, and Engineers.   

Dark Horse has published comics with the Aliens and Predator characters for years.   They introduced the AVP(Aliens versus Predators)concept.    In 2014, the publisher began including the Engineers in stories.     

This Fire and Stone series includes all of those characters in one book.   Taking place over many years and connecting threads from the Prometheus movie, James Cameron's Aliens and Alien from 1979.

This book has the regular tropes you would expect from these films.   The science team mixed with some military set off in search of something.   Only to come in contact with an alien lifeform and have their numbers decimated horrifically.     Androids, spaceships, cool weapons are all thrown into the mix.

What I enjoyed;   the feel of the movies lives within this comic book.   The horror, thriller elements translate very well.    

Story bits of the films mentioned above are played out here, giving the fan a more in-depth look at the events of LV-223 and LV-426.    The black goo found in the Prometheus film is a large part of this narrative.

A  page-turner for me.    This graphic novel is recommended.    Read the entire story on Comixology(included in the Comixology Unlimited subscription).    Or buy the book by clicking here ..this is an affiliate link.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Weird Stories & Good Boys Movie REVIEW

On this episode I discuss 6 new weird stories and Jason G and I give a spoiler review of the raunchy comedy Good Boys.

The weird stories covered in this episode.

No newborn baby girls in this part of India for months.

7 dead tigers found in car in Vietnam.

Summer heat causing pigs to lose weight.   Driving up pork prices

Ordering takeout?    Your delivery person might be eating your food. 

107 year old gives her secrets to longevity. 

UFO sighting in Miami by Space X satellite. 

Find out more about the the Good Boys movie here 

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Party Vibes at the Basement TV party from June 2019

This is one in a series of summer 2019 events I attended.   I will be putting up more of these vids in the coming weeks.    In this video you'll find Federation Sound.    Former podcast guest Mateo.    Party friends such as Mami Hasegawa, Wah Gwan Twon.    Female dancers such as Kimbo Queen, Cookie Monster and Tara Nee.     Fun times in Brooklyn.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Hobbs & Shaw SPOILER Review

Jason G and I are back reviewing the latest entry in the Fast and Furious franchise.    There are spoilers.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Flying the DJI Spark in front of 3 different churches in my neighborhood.

Churches can be relaxing, holy or downright scary looking. They can be some of the most unique buildings in your neighborhood. In this video, I shoot 3 different churches in my town of Union City, New Jersey. You can buy a DJI Spark(drone) here  This is an affiliate link

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

4 Year Podcasting Anniversary Mixtape

This week I celebrate 4 years of podcasting.    What better way to celebrate than putting together a mixtape of my current favorite Dancehall, Afrobeat and Soca songs.

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Enjoy the Mixtape!



Rygin King-'Business'
Vybz Kartel-'Day Rave'
Vybz Kartel-'Lovin' Every Minute'
Hot Frass-'Polo'
Squash-'Beat Dem Bad'
Stylo G-'Badman Party'
Kemar Highcon-'Talk Bout'


DJ Boat-'Give'
Olatunji-'Mating Call'
Burna Boy-'Ye'
Larry Gaaga-'Low'

Blaxx-'Gyal Owner'
Lil Rick-'Ruffso'

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Terminator: Dark Fate REVIEW-SPOILERS

Terminator: Dark Fate is an intense action thriller.   But if you've seen one Terminator movie you've seen them all.   The outlier...