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My Biggest Takeaways-Ryan Holiday's 'Ego is the Enemy'

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The first time I heard of Ryan Holiday was on James Altucher's podcast. I thought, 'this guy sounds smart.' There was a time I was really into the long form interviews from the likes of Tim Ferris, Lewis Howes, and the aforementioned Mr. Altucher. These days I find these hour plus interviews too long. I prefer shorter conversations. Unless it's an author/person, I already know.

That interview sold me on this book(as many other interviews with authors have). This was a quick read as I was engaged with the content. I'm currently listening to the audiobook version during my daily shower. Ego and pride have cost me time, money, and relationships. It still plagues me today. But after going through this book, I'm noticing the moments when it gets the best of me.

The examples Mr. Holiday gives in this book regarding the colossal failures ego has produced throughout history, showed me how debilitating pride can be. In the book, he talks about how he's tattooed the title of the book on his arm. Reading this book made me do the same.

These are five of many takeaways from Ryan Holiday's 'Ego is the Enemy.'

-'His other famous piece of advice, 'Keep your identity small,'fits well here. Make it about the work and the principles behind it-not about a glorious vision that makes a good headline.' pg 112

-'So; Do we sit down, alone, and struggle with our work? Work that may or may not go anywhere that may be discouraging or painful? Do we love work, making a living to do work, not the other way around? Do we love practice, the way great athletes do? Or do we chase short-term attention and validation-whether that's indulging in the endless search for ideas or simply the distraction of talk and chatter? pg 82

-They're not alone. Too often, artists who think it was 'inspiration' or 'pain' that fueled their art and create an image around that-instead of hard work and sincere hustle-will eventually find themselves at the bottom of a bottle or on the wrong end of a needle.' pg 113

-'When you are starting out, we can be sure of a few fundamental realities: 1) You're not nearly as good or as important as you think you are; 2)You have an attitude that needs to be readjusted;pg 53

-'Meanwhile, love is right there. Egoless, open, positive, vulnerable, peaceful, and productive.' pg 207

By purchasing this book by the provided link you will be supporting both myself and the author. Did any of my takeaways resonate with you? Please let me know, comment below.


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