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Avengers: Infinity War REVIEW spoilers!

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My anticipation for this film was high. Characters from separate movies interacting with each other for the first time was exciting. I've read some of the Infinity Gauntlet story(published in 1991). I knew going in, the power Thanos wields with the Gauntlet is immense. This film follows a combination of this narrative and the Infinity storyline(published in 2013). There is a YouTube channel called 'Comics Explained.' This youtber has video re-caps of both of these stories. I will link to them in the description/show notes for this episode.

This film had many 'WOW' moments. The discerning fan of the MCU will have questions. Where was Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Valkyrie? Where did the Black Order come from? What was the motivation behind Thanos army? Who or what was Thanos army? Here are other random observations(in no particular order). There are spoilers.

- Great pace. The movie starts off running.

-If they bring everyone back(who passed away in this film)in Avengers 4, it lessens the impact of this movie as a whole.

-Thor's Stormbreaker hammer was incredibly cool. He was the MVP here. I feel he is one of the most fleshed out and likable characters in this franchise.

-Red Skull; it could've been anyone villain who's passed on in a previous film. Not that impactful.

-Higher body count than Last Jedi? Yes.

- This was Thanos film. Josh Brolin humanizes this character. The actor's motion capture performance was phenomenal. He has excellent entrances in certain scenes. Specifically in Titan and Earth.

-Seeing Nick Fury in the end credits scene with a link to Captain Marvel was great! He uses a souped-up beeper to contact Carol Danvers. Is she similar to Star-Lord? Has she been displaced from Earth for some time, and isn't aware of current events?

-The balance of levity and darkness was well done. Thanks to comedic beats from the Guardians, Iron Man, and Thor. The clashing of egos between Stark and Strange made me smile.

-During some of the space sequences, I got a Star Wars vibe. Can the Russos' do something in that sandbox?

-Peter Dinklage's dwarf character looked like a Jack Kirby drawing. Nice.

-Does the gauntlet still work after the deadly finger snap? It looks badly damaged.

--Avengers 4 speculation: will Adam Warlock show up?   Is he being saved for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3?

I've seen this movie twice to date, and I know I will revisit it in the future. What a thrill ride! Love what the MCU is doing connecting all these films. Other movie studios have attempted this, not successfully, not like this.

Want to learn more about Thanos? The Geek History Lesson podcast recently profiled the 'Mad Titan'. Find the link in the show notes for that episode.


Comics Explained 'Infinity Gauntlet'
Comics Explained 'Infinity' 
Geek History Lesson podcast 'Thanos'
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