Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dead Rising: OFF the Record game REVIEW

AUDIO version.

VIDEO version.

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I fell in love with the first Dead Rising. When the sequel's demo was released(Case Zero), I played through that with the new protagonist Chuck Greene. He wasn't as fun as Frank West(the hero of the first game). Mr. West is the man! I'm so glad I waited to play this version. The initial game was released 2010. This version was released in 2011. This game mixes intensity with an abundance of fun. Here are my pros and cons. There are spoilers.

-Variety is fun.
-The game doesn't take itself too seriously.
-The map never got boring. Still discovered new areas late in the game.
-Sandbox mode saved me from starting my game over. A feature not in the first game.

-Number of survivors brought back to the safe house or psychos defeated doesn't change the game ending. No incentive to fight them all or save them all. Unless you're a completionist. Doesn't give me much motivation to replay the game.
-The game is mainly fetch quests with a story.

I admittedly used GameFaqs and their walkthroughs to finish the game as I did get stuck in parts. In the past, I'd feel guilty doing this. Presently that shame is gone. There are loads of games I'd like to play and using this info saves time! This is a seven-year-old game; it still holds up!


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