Saturday, March 7, 2020

There Will Be Spoilers. A Collection of Movie and TV Reviews from an Everyday Fan-MY NEW BOOK. OUT NOW!

My new book is out now.   If you a fan of my movie and TV reviews, this is for you.   This is a collection of reviews from the last 4 years.   Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback formats.   A short quick read.   A little over 8,000 words.   Here's the official description:

I'm a person who was inspired by movie and TV critics and thought, that's fun I want to do that.
Thus this audiobook was born.
I'm a comic book, horror, sci-fi fan.
Here I've collected my own thoughts on popular shows such as Stranger Things.
Thoughts on many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe entries, and much more.
Above all I'm a regular person who's chasing his dreams and want to be an example to others who are looking to do the same.
These are a collection of my movie and TV reviews, but beware, there will be spoilers.

You can purchase 'There Will Be Spoilers' right here. 

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