Saturday, March 21, 2020

Here's some recent Action Figure Photography I've taken

I was laid off from work this week.   So I will be having loads of spare time to pursue hobbies.   I enjoy taking pictures of my action figures in various poses.    Here's DJ from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.    On the hunt for a xenomorph.   Alien!    I posted this on Instagram and said the I was DJ and the Alien was Covid-19.
Here's the scene from a different angle.

The figures used here DJ and NECA Alien figure are affiliate links).

Here I have Luis(from Ant-Man) in the jaws of a very large T-Rex from Jurassic World.    I took this picture in a parking lot around my neighborhood.   You can find Luis here and the dinosaur here

 Here I have zombie Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks from the WWE posing in Times Square.    On Instagram I posted this as the zombie apocalypse happening in the center of the world.   Or so it's called.   Find Seth here and Sasha here 

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