Friday, August 30, 2019

My Interview of Ari Forman


Ari Forman is a fascinating gentleman.    I've seen him for years at parties I'd attend.    He would often have a collared shirt on with a neck scarf or tie.    Sometimes a blazer.    He would hang out at the DJ booth with either, Max Glazer, DJ Gravy, or Micro Don.

Micro Don, a previous podcast guest, passed away recently.    It has given me an urgency to speak with people I see often but don't share many words with.   This motivated me to sit down with Ari.

To my amazement, he's run along many similar circles(party-wise)that I've run in.    That being the party scene in NYC.    He too has been going to hip hop, house, dancehall parties for years.  

Other interesting facts about Ari; he made a sneaker, which was a combination of derivative Nike and Newport signage and was banned from selling the shoes or owning a pair.     He's published 'On the Go' magazine along with graffiti artist Steve Espo and DJ Max Glazer.     Mr. Forman has made and personalized clothing gear for acts such as De La Soul.   Logos for Ruffhouse Records and artwork for Kris Kross.   In this interview, we discuss his past and his party-life in NY. 

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