Sunday, August 25, 2019

Comic Book Recommendation. Prometheus: The Complete Fire and Stone

Since young, I was into the Alien series.   

To date, I've seen all the Alien movies and have mostly enjoyed them.    My least favorites being the entire Alien Vs. Predator series and Alien 3. 

The Predator movie came along in 1987 and was a blast.   

During the 80s Arnold Schwarzeneggar movies were events.    I'd say his 80-90s sci-fi action/thriller films are some of the best of his career(Terminator 1 & 2, Total Recall, Running Man, Predator).    Predator 2 and Predators were fun.    I've avoided The Predator which was released last year due to bad reviews. 

Ridley Scott went into the history of the Aliens universe and introduced the Engineer character.    Prometheus and Alien Covenant weren't perfect, but I did enjoy the world-building that brings together the Aliens, humans, and Engineers.   

Dark Horse has published comics with the Aliens and Predator characters for years.   They introduced the AVP(Aliens versus Predators)concept.    In 2014, the publisher began including the Engineers in stories.     

This Fire and Stone series includes all of those characters in one book.   Taking place over many years and connecting threads from the Prometheus movie, James Cameron's Aliens and Alien from 1979.

This book has the regular tropes you would expect from these films.   The science team mixed with some military set off in search of something.   Only to come in contact with an alien lifeform and have their numbers decimated horrifically.     Androids, spaceships, cool weapons are all thrown into the mix.

What I enjoyed;   the feel of the movies lives within this comic book.   The horror, thriller elements translate very well.    

Story bits of the films mentioned above are played out here, giving the fan a more in-depth look at the events of LV-223 and LV-426.    The black goo found in the Prometheus film is a large part of this narrative.

A  page-turner for me.    This graphic novel is recommended.    Read the entire story on Comixology(included in the Comixology Unlimited subscription).    Or buy the book by clicking here ..this is an affiliate link.

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