Monday, March 12, 2018

DJ Mixtape 3-7-18

This is the mixtape only section from the last episode #119.  Here is the track listing.

1. 'No Lie' Sean Paul, Dua Lipa

2. 'Bless Your Heart' DENM
3. 'Nuh Ready' Calvin Harris, PARTYNEXTDOOR
4. 'Bonzai' Action Bronson
5. 'Bloody Water' Ab Soul, James Blake Black, Anderson Paak
6. 'Dead Man' Joshua Luke Smith
7. 'Stuck With Me' The Neighbourhood
8. 'Lightning Fire Magic' N.E.R.D.
9. '#Natural' Paty Cantu, Juhn
10. 'Rope' Chi Ching Ching, Hanging

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