Thursday, April 30, 2020

My Conversation with Jozee Dee


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I met Jozee last summer(2019). A mutual friend started bringing her to the dancehall parties I would attend. She gave me a good vibe and was open to learning about our community.

Listening to Jozee reminds me of my enthusiasm when I was introduced to dancehall. In my teens(late 80s-90s), I'd go to neighborhood basement parties where hip hop, house music, RnB played. There would always be a reggae segment. I thought it was cool, but didn't grab my attention as it does now.

In the early 2000s, I would religiously go to Club Speeed in NYC, every Sunday. DJ Mister Cee would play the latest and greatest hip hop. He as well would have a small reggae segment. But it was current dancehall and soca, which I wasn't exposed to. This wasn't 'Murder She Wrote,' or 'Twice My Age.' But Busy Signal, Elephant Man, and a new artist called Ding Dong with his tune 'Badman Forward, Badman Pullup.'

When these songs would come on, I noticed the crowd's energy peak. What hooked me were the dance moves done to the particular songs. I quickly followed along. A neighborhood dance group saw my enthusiasm and took me under their wing and taught me some basics regarding the dancehall/Jamaican culture.

A great lesson I've learned; spend time with people who have years invested in your interest or passion. This will help make leaps and gains in your knowledge base, which will save you time and frustration. Jozee is doing this by hanging around us, taking classes, and going to parties. I inadvertently did the same many years back; you can do the same now with your particular passion or interest.

You can reach out to Jozee on Instagram here 

This is her Facebook group where she does charity for animals 

This is the IG page for Bommy Tours in Jamaica. 

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