Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Conversations with Friends

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On this episode, I have a conversation with various friends and co-workers.   

These recordings are another form of photographs.    A record in time which says we were here at this date and had a conversation.    A beautiful way to remember someone, in my opinion.

The first conversation is with Paula.   A co-worker in her twenties who wants to grow into the person she wants to become right now.

The second is with a manager who is moving on from the current job. He shares his excitement and fear of what's to come.

Thirdly, my friend Mami(yes that's her name).   We talk about a member of our small dancehall circle who passed recently passed on. 

Finally, I speak with a friend who is HIV positive.    He talks to me about his life currently and the stigma which comes along with his status.

Thoughts, comments, please do so below.

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