Monday, October 29, 2018

Iron Fist Season 2 Review-SPOILERS

Here's the YouTube version.

Netflix Iron Fist season 2.   I felt the first season had a load of fluff in between the initial and final episodes.    But I liked the characters.   especially the antagonists. David Wenham, and Tom Pelphrey specifically.

I enjoyed this season.   Fewer episodes and an engaging storyline made it platable.   Here are some of my notes.   There are spoilers.

-The contention between Joy and Ward went on forever.   I was ok with it at first but it just keeps coming back to Joy saying 'you didn't tell me the truth, you lied to me' and that happens numerous times.  

-I do enjoy the actor who plays Ward.   I've mentioned this before.   He's great at being a dick.   He also gave me the only moment in the show when I teared up.   This happened in the final episode when he gives his monologue to the folks at the NA meeting.   I sympathized with him when Bethany said 'No' to his support in raising their unborn child.    I smiled at the end when Ward went to Asia alongside Danny, as they both are on a mission to find themselves.

-I like Alice Eve as schizophrenic Typhoid Mary.    Innocent, deadly Mary Walker.    I'd like to see her show up in Daredevil's series.   In the comics, she's more of a rogue on his side of things.

-Davos is great!   Unwilling to flinch only when he has to.   Love the longing for his mother's love and that being the pain which motivates him to accomplish his goals.    He's not shy about killing folks with his red Iron Fists.   Nice touch.

-I like the relationship building between Colleen and Misty, Netflix maybe should consider a 4 episode show with these two.   I'd watch it.

-'Crane Sisters' show up!   Villains straight from the Iron Fist comics.

-Colleen Wing has the best fight sequences on the show.   This was her season, and I didn't mind that.   The season revolved around her.    Danny Rand was more of a supporting character.   Similar to season 2 of Luke Cage with Alfre Woodard.

-I like that they don't overuse the glowing fist.    When it shows up, you know something's going down.

-Danny Rand still headstrong and innocent in ways, but not as immature as the 1st seasons of Iron Fist and the Defenders.   Character growth.   Cool!

-The limp Danny has while he's about to face Davos at the community center, was kind of goofy.   A ploy to show Davos weakness which wasn't there.

-No Luke Cage appearance on this season.   I half expected it.   We got mentions of Luke Cage, Daredevil, Sokovia(from Avengers 2), The Hand.

-I liked Colleen Wing becoming the new Iron Fist.    I'd never seen the Iron Fist light up weapons in hand.

-I didn't like the ending with Danny.    I felt he shouldn't have gotten the glowing fists back until next season.    Especially now that he has both hands light up.     The whole bullet thing, in the end, was flaccid.  

This season as a whole was good.   There is room for improvement.   My continuing argument with these Marvel Netflix series, 6-8 episodes per season would be wonderful.   I actually sat through the whole thing, compared to the last season where I purposely missed 3 episodes out of boredom.   Loved the after credits scene, a la MCU-style, with a clip for the upcoming season of Daredevil.   It's unfortunate that this show has been canceled.    Hopefully, Danny Rand and crew show up in the next seasons of Luke Cage or Daredevil.    Sorry Jessica Jones doesn't do it for me.

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