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Crazy Rich Asians REVIEW, Biggest Takeaways from Robert Cialdini's book INFLUENCE


BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS-Robert Cialdini's 'Influence'

This book was tough to get through.   It felt like I was back in school and I was doing homework.    I did glean some useful information from here.    This material I feel is especially useful if you're in sales, a public figure working on attracting others to you(what I'm doing with this podcast), or being an everyday consumer and knowing when someone is trying to 'sell' you on something.   

These are some of my biggest takeaways from Robert Cialdini's 'Influence':

-'One favorite and profitable tactic of certain compliance professionals is to give something before asking for a return favor.' Page 49.   A great sales tactic!

-'Even though they had committed themselves under anonymous circumstances, the act of writing down their first judgments caused them to resist the influence of contradictory new data and to remain consistent with their preliminary choices.' Page 72.    This goes hand in hand with first impressions.

-'The general idea is to pave the way for a full-line distribution by starting with a small order...Look at it this way-when a person has signed an order for your merchandise even though the profit is so small it hardly compensates for the time and effort of making the call, he is no longer a prospect-he is a customer.'   Page 64.  

-'Oh, those 'harmless' concessions.   We've already seen how apparently trifling commitments can lead to further consistent behavior.   As a commitment device, a written declaration has some great advantages.'   Page 67.    I feel this also applies if you sign up online for an email list, a subscription as examples.    Signing up makes it real as opposed to committing superfluously.

-'No matter which variety of low-balling is used, the sequence is the same: An advantage is offered that includes favorable purchase decision.    Then sometime after the decision has been made, but before the bargain is sealed, the original purchase advantage is deftly removed.'   Page 85.    Sign up now at this discounted price for Verizon FIOS, it includes a year of Netflix.    But after a year you pay the full monthly, regular price.

-'What if physical appearance is not much at issue?    After all, most people possess average looks.    Are there other factors that can be used to produce liking?   As both researchers and compliance professionals know, there are several, and one of the most influential is similarity.   We like people who are similar to us.'   Page 148.    This is fascinating, it's from a chapter which also discusses how we are quicker to gravitate to someone selling to us, particularly if they are physically attractive.    But this gives credence to the fact that you don't have to have looks to make something happen.

-'A potentially effective strategy for reducing the unwanted influence of liking on compliance decisions requires a special sensitivity to the experience of undue liking for a requester.   Upon recognizing that we like a requester inordinately well under the circumstances, we should step back from the social interaction, mentally separate the requester from his or her offer, and make any compliance decision based solely on the merits of the offer.'   Page 172.    A great tip for everyday consumers.

-'According to the scarcity principle, people assign more value to opportunities when they are less available.     The use of this principle for profit can be seen in such compliance techniques as the 'limited number' and 'deadline' tactics, wherein practitioners try to convince us that access to what they are offering is restricted by amount of time.'   Page 225.

-'Although we all wish to make the most thoughtful, fully considered decision possible in any situation, the changing form and accelerating pace of modern life frequently deprive us of the proper conditions for such a careful analysis of all the relevant pros and cons.    More and more, we are forced to resort to another decision-making approach-a shortcut approach in which the decision to comply(or agree or believe or buy)is made on the basis of a single, usually reliable piece of information.'   Page 234.   I would say this being the case, especially in our present-day, short-attention-span society.

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