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Equalizer 2 Review SPOILERS, JULY Mixtape, 4 WEIRD stories


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Equalizer 2 Review SPOILERS

Denzel has made this type of movie before. That's what came to me while watching the Equalizer 2. That didn't happen when I was watching Equalizer 1 but I guess that was the same kind of movie he'd done as well. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it's just not a fresh thing. Mr. Washington playing the supercop/ ex-military/assassin who will go to any lengths to get the job done. He's done different things(Fences, Malcolm X, Remember the Titans a few examples)but many that fall in this box.

Seeing this film gave me intentions to come home and see some of the actor's previous work. 'Man on Fire' came to mind. I've seen many of Denzel's popular movies in theaters. This is an actor we(the movie-going audience)are lucky to have, who has a solid body of work. I'm just feeling a little more grateful these days with the recent and untimely death of Jon Schnepp. Here today and gone tomorrow. A regular on Collider Video who I'd been watching for the last 3 years. I felt a bond to his insights when it came to superhero, sci-fi, fantasy movies and comic books. He will be missed.

Robert McCall(the character played by Mr. Washington)was a badass in this movie. You know when he'd click the button on his wristwatch, you hear the beep, it's on. The action was fast and precise. He would put on this dead face and dispose of the bad guys in seconds. The Equalizer has many skills. He 's a hacker, investigator, he does disguises, he's an awesome driver. What can't he do?

I liked his chemistry with actor Ashton Sanders who played Myles.   The best speech in the movie(to me)happens when he rescues Myles from falling in with a bad crowd. '5 pounds of pressure!'

During the final act, when he's dispatching the film's main antagonists, it turns into a horror movie. He brutalizes them quickly and finishes them in deadly fashion.

Questions I didn't feel where not answered(or maybe I didn't catch it). What government agency is it that Melissa Leo(Susan Plummer)works for? How did his wife Vivian die? Pedro Paschal's character said McCall was at fault because she died. I have to watch both movies, preferably with subtitles to catch everything and tie all the story beats.

By the end the characters he has interactions with that are not connected to the overall story, their subplots are neatly tied up. At times I would ask 'why are we spending time here?' but it serves to reinforce the purpose of the main lead and that is helping people in trouble.

This movie could've been shorter. Less with the Denzel facials and investigative work. Fun movie, I found the first one more enjoyable.

Random thought. Who would win in a fight between the Equalizer or Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills in Taken. Maybe they can team up and do a movie together!


Showing Up and Putting Out Content Regularly

I've thought of making content out of everything I consume, but it would just take up way too much time. Deciding to focus on what it is that I enjoy (at the time) and talking about that is the way to go.
One of the effects of being a content producer on a regular basis is people becoming endeared to you and your story. This has happened to me with podcasts I listen to, YouTubers that I follow. Residual effects are desiring to find out more about what that creator is up to by following them on social media or being open to any new projects they might be involved. Also buying merchandise, they might have for sale.

Personally, for me, pro wrestling is the perfect example. My dad used to watch pro wrestling(may he rest in peace). I wanted to watch what my dad watched, so I did the same. I've become a lifelong pro wrestling fan.

My favorite thing about pro wrestling these days are podcasts about wrestling or interviews with wrestlers. Podcasts by people like Jim Ross, Colt Cabana, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin. Episodes where these wrestlers tell their stories or interview other wrestlers are fascinating to me. I grew up with this generation, so these road stories often happened throughout my life.
pro-wrestling=regular content=i enjoy it and want more=I consume their videos, audio, documentaries=I buy their merchandise go to live events.

A micro-example, something we all do or can relate to. You show up for an activity which you enjoy. Your part of a soccer league or a bingo club. Your enthusiastic about being a part of this club. Your enthusiasm attracts others within the club/activity. You participate and start building relationships. You show up regularly meet like-minded people. Getting their feedback which says 'I like this, you like this, let's enjoy this together.'

Anything worthwhile takes time and showing up regularly reaps rewards, relationships, and possible financial opportunities in a win-win scenario. This is what I'm working on with producing content periodically and soliciting feedback. To start a conversation, build a community and grow from there.

JULY Mixtape 2018

Track listing

1. Chromeo - 'One Track Mind'
2. Chromeo - 'Slumming It'
3. Nas - 'White Label'
4. Nas - 'Adam and Eve'
5. Nas - 'Cops Shot The Kid'
6. Navino - 'Spare One'
7. Teejay - '100 Bricks'
8. Shellinz - 'Pryce is Right'
9. Laa Lee - 'Watz on Sale'
10. Shal Marshall - 'Splinters'

Weird Stories

1. Longest Blood Moon ever

2. Tech Giant is Rolling out New Robots to Replace Workers in Hotels, Airports and Supermarkets
3. Witness Tells Police He Saw Restaurant Manager Shoot Cook In Case Related To Yelp Review
4. Billion Year Old Piece of North America found in Australia


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