Monday, February 12, 2018

Going MGTOW-AUDIO version

In this episode I talk about going MGTOW.


Dating Women Podcast
Mindful Habit Podcast
MGTOW official website
Sandman's YouTube channel (MGTOW Resource)
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  1. Hey I appreciate this accumulation of MGTOW's tenets and beliefs. Just got through listening through it and I have to say it depresses me. I'm sorry to hear about the burden of your parent's divorce on your life, as well as the fear of rejection and loss. How is all this not just rooted in a fear of finding a genuine lover? There are women out there not looking to gouge a man's livelihood, they're probably feminist too ironically. A little about myself, I've only been on a few dates, never had a girlfriend, but also only been rejected once or twice for it. I'm just going with the flow here, and keeping friendships with both sexes and letting relationships develop from there. It makes me sad to see how deep this ideology goes to avoiding the real root of this question being as I respectfully see it: why can't these men find women they trust enough to put all these fears aside to embrace marriage, or even relationships and friendships as far as the levels of involvement in MGTOW goes?

    1. What a thoughtful comment. Thank you so much for replying.


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